Speedy 30: The Hot Handbag

  1. Just went to Entertainment Tonight's website....

    There's a article saying what's in, etc. for summer..

    Apparently the Speedy 30 is the Hot Handbag.

    Here's the link:

    Click lil video off to the left to watch. Funny when I watched the video I thought they were going to mention the Damier speedy. Being that's the one that's coming out in a matter of days.
  2. that's cool, thanks for posting! ;)

  3. Aww, the doggie's so cute!
  4. that's really funny :biggrin:

    Does that guy really think he knows fashion? His hair is horrible, and don't get me started on what he's wearing ;)
  5. Glad to know I already have the hot handbag, I can actually save some money! :roflmfao:
  6. Your welcome!! :biggrin:
  7. :roflmfao: He kinda reminds me of a scarecrow. Sorta like Wizard of Oz...
  8. Thanks for the neat post!
  9. I hear ya! I got my speedy 30 back in April....but LOL not sure on the saving money part...hehee....I'm waiting on the damier speedy. It'll be my 4th speedy. I got to go to "Speedies anonymous"!:P
    I :heart: them though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:shame:
  10. wowwww!! And here I thought I was crazy for thinking that my ONE speedy wasn't enough :P I don't think I could ever get another one though, it would practically be like cheating on my baby ;)
  11. Thanks for stopping me from selling my Speedy 30 - It's brand new and for some reason I just don't wear it - I'll have to get it out of it's dust cover now and give my Saleya a rest.:huh:
  12. yaaaaa I actually own something in style lol
  13. I just love the shape so much, and it's such a classic look. :yes: The functionality of it is a HUGE plus for me! Just love'em!!!!:heart:
  14. speedy 30, hmmmm does that mean any speedy 30 :smile: if so i'm ok. Otherwise i guess I need to make a purchased *LOL*

    Thanks for the post.
  15. Oh yay! I'm finally "in!" LOL!