Speedy 30 tag question

  1. Ive been reading the boards a lot lately and noticed that a lot of the Speedys have a "25" or "30" under the leather tab on the side of the speedy. I just realized that i dont have this number under my Speedy 30 bag! I received my bag from a LV store though and it was made in USA. Is this 30 mark thats under ALL bags or is something wrong with mine?


    btw. this is my very first post. This board is really neato! :yes:
  2. sometimes its not every easy to see. i'm sure if you take it to the light you should see it faintly.

    I'm not sure if this is the same for the damier bags.
  3. It should be there, how long have you had the bag.
  4. I got it in July... my very first LV! so i'm kinda lost about all these tags and date codes and such. I just checked under a brighter light and found a faint "0" LOL so i assume the 3 is just buried under the fuzzy leathery material. Thanks, i really appreciate the feedbacks. =)
  5. Lol yeah mine isn't very visible either. The one on my Cerises isn't easy to see but the one on my Damier is VERY faint.
    At least you found it :smile:
  6. Mine is very visible - If you bought it in an LV shop, don't worry if it's hard to see, it has to be there.
  7. I've seen many many speedies in person in the store in quest for the perfect one. Rest assured on some of them it is very faint, so faint I could barely see any of it while on others is was crystal clear and deeply embossed. There are variations on the leather and the fuzzy part under the tab is sometimes so fuzzy you cant really see the 30. =)
  8. Enjoy your bag.
  9. Mine's deeply stamped in..............:shrugs:
  10. They are all different, hand made & all. I suppose some craftsmen have a lighter touch then others. The stamp has practically worn off of my pochette I use it so much, at least Speedys have them in a place that wont rub.
  11. ahh thanks you guys. i feel much more assured now!
    After reading the boards more and more, i'm not as scared about using the bag and have learned to even maintain it better. Much thanks to you guys and the board! =)