Speedy 30 - Should I Hotstamp??

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  1. How does everyone feel about hotstamping LV bags?? I'm thinking about having my new Speedy 30 done. It seems like a nice personalized touch.

    Any reasons against it??

    Should I maybe purchase a luggage tag and get that stamped?

    My LV collection is very new with only 2 bags so I don't know all the pro's & con's yet ;)

    Also, what engraving style/size should I go with? 2 initials or 3? Or one letter on each leaf?? Are they usually willing to engrave mutliple leaves on the same bag?

    I'm most likely going to go with the no-color stamp because I want it to be more subtle.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. I have mine hotstamped (see my avatar). I love it. The only con I can think of is it may be hard to sell a personalized iteam if you decided to later on.

    I went with three initials - not sure of which size, I let the SA choose the size that would look best.
  3. I absolutely love hotstamping, but I would wait until you are 100% sure you won't be modifying that piece in your collection!!

    I love having mine stamped monogram style with my first & middle inital small on the outside and my last inital large in the middle...pic to follow...
  4. My monogram hot stamp...
  5. I prefer not to hot stamp my bags in case I decide to sell them down the road.
    I did however get a small luggage tag hot stamped with my first initial only to hang on my bags.

    I really love the look of just my first initial. :smile:

  6. I like the one initial on the luggage tag! I may have to try that :smile:
  7. Thanks :smile:. The reason I decided on my first initial only us because I am getting married next July and haven't decided on whether I'm keeping my maiden name or taking his yet. (Second marriage btw :smile: )

    But I must say I think I prefer the look of just one initial. :smile:
  8. I just told my hubby last night that we are bound together forever because of my new hotstamp! He just looked at my like I was crazy. Clearly I want to be with him forever because I love him dearly.......:loveeyes:
  9. I don't see any reasons against it unless you plan to sell in the future. I think is a matter of personal preference. I have not found anything that I want to heatstamp, though I had DH's wallet that I got him for his birthday heatstamped.
  10. Thank you so much for the advice and for sharing the pictures!

    Although I don't plan on selling it, I hate to decrease its' re-sale value in case I ever have to sell it (probably for an upgrade :biggrin:)

    I really like how the 3 initial monogram looks! It has a nice symmetry to it. I don't normally use my middle name/initial but glad I have one for this purpose!

    I would never think to do the one initial but it looks great! I may invest in a luggage tag to do that too.

    Does anyone know if LV ever hot stamps more than one section on the same bag? I got a non-commital/maybe answer on the phone..
  11. Agreed. I almost had my Speedy hotstamped when I got my Galliera. Glad I didn't, I decided to sell it only because I wanted a bag with a shoulder strap. If you're sure it's yours for the long haul I say go for it. I think it's a lovely touch!
  12. I would go with the luggage tag. I love the look of hotstamping, but I also like to sell my bags to fund new ones after a few years of use. Once you hotstamp, you significantly decrease your resale. The luggage tag is cute and leaves your options open.
  13. That's the one thing that I don't like about the strapless Speedy - I feel like it will get pretty tiring having it on my arm all the time. I guess it won't be a 'long day in the city' kind of bag.. Or a 'shopping day' bag :sad:

    How much do you guys end up re-selling your bags for - percentage-wise?? I can see myself maybe selling mine down the line, especially if it means an upgrade to a new bag!
  14. you make the hot stamps at the stores? any LV store does it? how long it takes to get it done?
  15. Yes! You can bring your LV into any store (regardless of how old your bag is I beleive) and they will hot stamp it with initials - as long as there's enough room on the bag to be engraved. The Eva Clutch, for example, cannot be hot stamped.

    The timing depends on the store you go to and how busy it is that day. It can be done in an hour or they may tell you to come back in a couple of days to pick it up. Call your local store and find out how long it will be. You can probably get it done faster on a weekday when it's less busy.

    Good luck and tell us what you decide!