Speedy 30 question?

  1. I was carrying my bag today to school and it felt kinda heavy.. and it dawned on me on how much can a speedy (30, particularly) can hold? pounds wise.. because I noticed on the elux website for the neverfull that the straps on that bag was able to stand up to 200lbs per strap.. and I was wondering what it was for the speedy.

  2. Hmm that's an interesting question. I'm not sure though. Hopefully some one that does will come along. Or you could call 866 vuitton?
  3. I would call the 866 number but alas.. i'm in class right now.. ><
  4. That is a very good question. I know once I start putting a book and just a few other extra items into my Speedy, it's super heavy! Maybe I should weigh mine....
  5. No idea but I can put my dog on my speedy 30 and he's 10 pounds.. so it holds more then you'd carry on a daily basis.
  6. Do you carry him in there often? xD

    I want to know if its healthy for the bag to carry such heavy weights often.. maybe a daily basis..

    TIA Again:heart:
  7. Well I just called and te girl I spoke to did not know. Maybe you will have better luck?
  8. I am sure it is pretty strong, but I wouldn't try to weigh it down and then pick it up!
  9. Im sure it would withstand more weight then you could possibly carry, but im sure it wouldnt be great for the bag. If you call LV they should have the actual weight for you.
  10. The handles seem sturdy, but I'd worry about stretching the canvas or getting a rip along the zipper from the weight pulling it down.
  11. I might call the Dutch LV store tomorrow, but it just closed... If nobody knows it yet I'll call. It's a really good question though - I'll probably use my upcoming Speedy for school a couple of days too, so I'd also like to know how much it can hold.
  12. My mother in law, who doesn't usually carry a purse, used her mono speedy 30 strictly for carrying her 10lb rabbit...so I think you can put quite a bit of weight in it, lol. I still have it and it's fine!
  13. I was wondering if anyone found out or has an idea? ^^;

    I'm asking because for everyone that said that they carry a 10lb animal in it.. i'm sure that's not a everyday occurrence.. so I want a better idea of how much is good for the bag ^^
  14. I have no idea how much a Speedy 30 can carry, but I find it very, very hard to believe the Neverfull can hold 400 lbs, or 200 lbs per strap.

    I'd like to see a SA stand inside the bag, and have 2 other SAs lift her / him up by the straps of the bag, lol.
  15. ^ Haha.. that's a interesting mental picture!
    But thats what the elux website said. ;_;

    I'm just very curious about the speedy!

    I don't want to carry so much that it'll lose half it's lifetime because i've been abusing it with so much weight.. ;_;