Speedy 30 question...hopefully not insane

  1. How much (in terms of weight) do you think the Speedy 30 can hold?

    I am in :love: LOVE :love: with the Damier Speedy 30, and I am saving up all the money I can possibly save to hopefully get it within the next couple months...Thing is, I'd like to use it for school, and I was wondering if I would be insane to hope that I could carry my laptop in it?

    I have a really small tablet pc, its 9" x 11" and a little over 3 pounds...I'm pretty sure it would be able to fit into the 30, but I'm afraid of the bag weighing too much and it getting hurt, or something :shame: I don't carry much else to school besides the tablet; no notebooks or folders, just some looseleaf papers.

    Am I crazy to want to fit my tablet in the Speedy 30? Or should I get something a little larger (like a Cabas Piano or a Parioli) for school for now and wait :crybaby:on the Speedy 30?

    Or I guess I could just carry the tablet in its shoulder case and carry the 30 in addition to it...but I was hoping the Speedy 30 could fit everything... :shame:

    Thanks for your help!
  2. i am not entirely sure u could or should put a laptop in a speedy. I would go more for a batignolles horizontal if you intended to use it for school
  3. I agree. I would not put a laptop in a speedy.
  4. i'd get a BH or mezzo/piano for that.
  5. I don't think a laptop could fit into a speedy, unless it was one of those tiny sony vaio ones. It would be best if you went with the BH, the Cabas Piano or the Damier Saleya PM, MM, or GM
  6. I think the weight of the laptop would put too much stress on the 4 little rivets that hold the handles onto the bag.

    Why not something else in Damier that would be more sturdy and take more weight? Something very structured that wouldn't lose its shape.
  7. I have a 12" ibook, VERY light, very small - and it doesn't fit in my speedy 30 or cabas piano.
  8. The Speedy can hold a lot IMO but I would not use it as a laptop bag personally.