speedy 30 preparation

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  1. hey guys, my bf is getting me a damier speedy 30 for my bday in less than a month and i wanted to know what i need to get in advance to be ready for its arrival (=

    i deff dont want the sagging so i wanted your reviews on this little red cardboard that i found on eBay that seems to match perfectlly.. does anyone use this specific one? http://cgi.ebay.com/Base-shaper-for-Louis-Vuitton-damier-epi-speedy-30-RED_W0QQitemZ280189500277QQihZ018QQcategoryZ1063QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

    Also, i forgot what the thing is called, but i know that the speedy has like one pocket so i saw a lot of you guys put that thing in.. gosh what the heck it is called again (lol).. so i wanted some recommendations on that as well..

    aside from that i know i need to get an adorable little bag charm and either the 4 key/ or the damier cles to match

    yay im getting super excited.. cant wait till feb 9th :okay:
  2. Hey, congrats!! I just got the Damier Speedy myself! I love it!

    I bought a Damier Mini Accessories Pouch to go inside it. No vachetta to worry about inside the bag!
  3. do you mean a purseket?
  4. Could be a Purseket or a PurseBrite?? But congrats on the damier speedy!
  5. Yes, I have a damier speedy and bought the very same base from the same eBay seller! The item is terrific and the seller is 5 STAR! In fact, I am getting ready to order a few other items from her! The red base does match really nice inside the Damier and NO sag whatsoever! I actually have a base and a purseket inside my speedy so it really keeps its shape and everything is easy to get to! Get the base, you will not regret it and get it now so you are ready for the speedy when you get it. The seller ships fast!

  6. The base-seller has her (I think she's a lady) own site too:
  7. Congratulations on the damier speedy, you're going to love it. I have a 30 and it doesn't seem to sag as much as the mono. I use mine with a medium purseket and no base (TONS of stuff) and it holds its shape really nicely. You may want to try just a purseket first. They are great for organizing that big open space. And then if it still sags too much for you, use a dvd case temporarily while you're waiting for the base you want to ship. That way you don't spend $ on something you may not need.
  8. lol , disregard my previous comment... i just ordered the red base (=
  9. Congrats!! Love the speedy 30...I don't have a base for mine (it's kind of old) but I'm thinking I should get something to put at the bottom to prevent the sag. You'll love your new bag!
  10. ok now to the next step:
    for organizing inside .. i really like the idea of buying a damier mini accessories pouch but i dont know between that and a purseket .. princess_eab can you please show me how the inside of your bag looks

    and also whoever has a purseket can i see pics of that as well
  11. Congrats!!! The speedy is such a great bag!