Speedy 30 + Petit Noe = Redundant?

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  1. Hi Friends.

    I have a Speedy 30 in mongram - my only monogram bag. Now I've caught a bit of the "vintage" bug, so I have a vintage Saumur 35 on the way - this will be used as a travel bag, not as an everyday purse.

    My question? I'm also eyeing a vintage Petit Noe from a local consignment shop. I've always been attracted to the casual look of vintage Noes - just love them - but I'm starting to feel like another monogram bag may be one too many and might push my collection over the edge from "perfect capsule collection" to "big pile of bags."

    What do you think? Is it redundant to have BOTH a monogram Speedy 30 AND a monogram Petit Noe? (Note: I also have a brown Balenciaga Day bag that serves as a "causal shoulder bag.")

    I know it probably is. I just . . . kinda like this Noe. LOL. :-s:angel:
  2. I don't think they're at all redundant. A drawstring shoulder bag is a very different animal from a handheld satchel, completely different looks and functionality. The nice vachetta elements of the P Noe are part of its attraction, so it has a bigger leather aspect compared to the Speedy. Two good choices!
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  3. Thank you! These are all good points. Plus . . . I KEEP LOOKING AT IT. You know, when you keep stalking a bag? That's me right now.

    I'm just hoping that having the Noe won't make me reach for my Speedy, or the Bal Day, LESS. I mean, every bag you add does mean that other bags aren't used as much, but I love both of those bags and hope I'll be able to really use and love all 3 - I feel like bags look so much better when they're well used and well integrated into my life!
  4. Also. Why do I love monogram canvas so much??? I am normally NOT a logo person, but I find the mono print SO attractive and versatile.
  5. I don't think it's redundant at all! Two totally different looks and it's nice having an LV shoulder bag when you're not in the mood for hand/arm carry. Plus, if you can get a good deal from the consignment shop, that's even better.
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  6. ITA! I don't know why either, but there's just something about mono - which I love even more than DE!
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  7. Louis Vuitton's monogram is very different from other brand's logo monogram - historically speaking. It also features the monogram flowers while most other brand's monogram is just the initials of the brand name.
  8. So true. It's a lovely pattern, even independent of the brand recognition. I have a really casual and kind of edgy (if anything) style, and I find it a really nice contrast to carry this super-classic print. And it Literally. Matches. Everything. Or at least compliments!

    Here I go talking myself into this Petit Noe. :shocked:
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  9. The thing I love most about the LV monogram is, as already said above, it literally goes with everything.... Such a clever color combination...
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  10. I wouldn't think that they're redundant at all. Each collection is unique and is specific to the person; some people like a mix of materials and designs and sizes, some like all canvas items, some leather, and some prefer to stay with distinguished mono and honour the vintage classics. Some people have multiples of the same design (my mom has 9 different Speedys) because they love it so much. As long as your treasures bring you happiness when you use them then that's all that matters!
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  11. Thank you all so much for your comments and encouragement!

    Just swung by the consignment shop, and . . .

  12. Such a beautiful find! I'm sure you'll love and use it for many years to come:heart:
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  13. Nice new bag! Looks dandy! I love well traveled LV bags, they drive me crazy :smile: It does seem that you are questioning the "redundancy of mono bags a little bit and my advice to you going forward, as I've gone through the exact same scenario, would be to simply remain open minded to other bag types in the future as purging your collection is never fun at all, at least not for me. Just be thoughtful going forward so you don't have any regrets because it is possible for that feeling inside of you to grow if you buy too many over time. Just a side thought
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  14. Thanks so much! :loveeyes:

    Thank you for this insight! I think you're very right. It's easy to get carried away when you like something, but too much of a good thing is . . . not good, and as you say, it would be a shame to have to get rid of bags that aren't getting enough use & love.

    I daresay that I think my LV collection is complete now?? I have a mono Speedy 30, DA Neverfull MM, DE Favorite PM, a vintage Saumur 35 in mono on the way, and now the mono Noe. I'm planning to get another Neverfull this fall in DE -- so that's 3 mono bags, 2 DE, and 1 Azur. And really, as far as LV goes . . . that covers the bases for me! My other bags are Balenciaga (a City, a Day, and a clutch) and a Chanel tote. I feel like it's time to put a fork in this collection until I've reached a few more savings goals and then set my sights on collecting Chanel flaps for the rest of my life. :giggle:

    Thank you all so much for weighing in! It helps me think through bag decisions so much to hear your thoughts & experiences!
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  15. P.S. I love this perspective, and I would love to see your mom's Speedy collection!