Speedy 30 or Lockit?

  1. I already own a monogram speedy 25 but I would like to have the 30. I also like the lockit but I'm afraid at the vachetta bottom. I can only afford 1 bag; which would you buy?
  2. I like the lockit.
  3. LOCKIT hands down!!!
  4. Lockit, as you already have a Speedy. I own the black MC Alma and the Vachetta bottom still looks great :yes:
  5. i ve both..

    i like both

    if have to choose.. lockit is cute
  6. The lockit isn't a bag I would pursue persay, but it is a nice bag, however I completely understand what you mean about vachetta bottom as that is something I don't buy either. If you are careful with your bags however I don't see it being a problem. I would get the lockit in that case to add variety to your collection. I think if you get the speedy 30 you may really want that lockit even more for the change of pace, but since you already have a speedy you know what that's about and can just wait for it until you are ready to purchase.

    I am in a similar situation. I can only buy one bag this June and would love to get an azur speedy 30 since it's perfect for that season. However I REALLY need a shoulder bag style, I only have hand held bags in my collection, 2 speedy bags and a burberry wilsham similar to alma in shape. Thus I'm getting the batignolles vertical instead and will have to wait to get the azur speedy. When can you get the other bag that you don't end up getting? For me it's quite a wait as I only get one pricey bag a year since I buy them new, although used on eBay is only a couple hundred less. So for me I won't be getting that azur speedy till April '08!
  7. i would get the lockit, cuz you already have a speedy. plus i think the lockit is less common, and i like the vachetta! it will just add character to the bag as the patina develops!
  8. I personally dont like the lockit because theres too much vachetta going on...i dont like dirt & water stains:yucky: But it all really depends on what you like...try them on at the store and see what you feel.

    You can also think about a damier 30, damier azur 30, epi 30......you can start a speedy collection:love:
  9. i would go for a lock it since you already have a speedy....but if you're looking for a speedy get one from a different line.
  10. My vote is for the LOCKIT, since you already have a speedy. :smile:
  11. lockit gets my vote :smile:
  12. if you already have a speedy, i say the lockit
  13. I'd go with the lockit. Just watching where you set your bag in public will help eliminate 99% of potential stains.
  14. Lockit!
  15. I say go for the speedy. I too have the mono 25 and could still see myself getting the 30 in the future.