Speedy 30 or Batignolles???

  1. Hey girls, this is my first post on tPF and I need your help! I am planning on buying my first LV this week and I've narrowed it down to 2 purses; drumroll.....Speedy 30 and Batignolles! I just can't decide between the 2 and was hoping that you girls could help me with my decision. I just want something that can be carried as a everyday purse and also look cute with something more dressy. I am also open to more suggestions you have...like I said this will be my first ever LV and I'm sure everyone else has a better knowledge of all the different styles of purses and what the best is! So help me please!
  2. Welcome to TPF! First LV, Speedy 30, hands-down! Can be dressed up or casual and a classic! You will enjoy it for years to come.
  3. Agreed!! Speedy 30!!!!
  4. I have both. I think it depends on whether you want to wear the bag on your shoulder or not. The BH will fit on your shoulder; the Speedy will not. You can, however, buy a separate strap for the Speedy if you want to wear it on your shoulder.
  5. Speedy 30!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially for your first LV. Its a classic purse. Its a beautiful purse. It was my second purse. And I love my Speedy 25. And can't wait to hear what you get for your first LV. Will you be going to the Boutique? I hope your Boutique is the best experience!!!!! :flowers:
  6. It all depends if you like a hand held or shoulder. Personally I would go for the speedy and then may be later for the batignolles.
  7. Thanks everyone! Ever since I've been wanting to buy a LV purse, I've always gone back and looked at the Speedy time and time again! I just can't get enough of it! I think I'm going to go with the Speedy and start saving up for the Batignolles for my next LV...no I won't be able to go to a store; I live a good 5 hours away from one so I will be ordering it from Elux. I am so excited! Thanks again for everyone's help! Now I just got to start saving again for the Batignolles...that will be fun...:graucho:
  8. Welcome to TPF! The speedy 30 is a fav among most of us. It is very classic and timeless. Get it first, you know it won't be your last right? Make the batignolles your second bag!
  9. Welcome to TPF and the speedy is a great pick.
  10. Welcome to tPF! and both are great bags. it depends on wether your a shoulder bag or a hand bag kind of girl? :smile:
  11. speedy gets my vote. Its a perfect first LV bag.
  12. Batignolles!
  13. I am content with your choices... can't wait to see pics of your new purchase soon! ;)
  14. WELCOME. and my vote is for the Speedy! If i could only have 1 bag for the rest of my life (god forbid lol) it would be my speedy. (or the manhattan GM that i am in love with but...alas...do not own)
  15. speedy for your first bag, batignolles for your second!