speedy 30 or 35???

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  1. would 35 be better for school than 30? i'm 170cm.
  2. i think the 35 would be too big. the 30 can really fit a lot if you arrange everything properly. i'm 164cm and i can't go any bigger than the 25, and that carries everything i need :yes:
  3. Why not go to the store and try it out? The 35 doesn't look too big on me. It's a big bag but it suits my frame. So does the 30. I use the 35 as an everyday bag. You'd have to see it against yourself to really know what you want and what suits you.
  4. IMO the 35 is too big! My mums friend has the 35 and I'm 5'4 and when I tried it on it looked way too overpowering on me also the 35 sags alot easier than the others.
    The 30 can actually fit lots, my bag to this day has never been full!
    But why not go to your nearest boutique and try the bags on IRL that way you will know immediately what looks best on you, and what one you fall in love with!
  5. thanks!
  6. Try both on for size and see which you feel most comfy with. I think the 30 size would be big enough for you and look very nice with your height. The 35 size is borderline travel piece and too clunky as a hand held purse.
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