Speedy 30 or 35???

  1. Forgive me is I am being repetitive but I am trying to decide which Speedy is right for me. I am 5'5 and medium build. I don't want to look like I am carrying a piece of luggage for my everyday bag. I would love if someone could post a picture of the two side by side. Or any pics of you guys carrying your Speedy 30s or 35s. I own a Monogram Leopard Stephen that I use as a travel bag. Is the 35 comparable in size to it? Thanks for any help that you guys can offer!
  2. I think the 30 is perfect. The 35 is too big.
  3. I think 30
  4. I think it really depends if you like big or small bags, the 30 is a great bag, and the 35 is not too big either...
  5. If you don't want it to look like luggage, definitely go for the 30. I have that size and it's perfect (I'm 5'8.) It doesn't look like luggage but it still holds a ton and it's really cute.
  6. The 30 is great for everyday, the 35 is too big in my opinion to carry as a bag. Maybe as a travel bag. Have you tried them on??? Go with what you like better though, it is your bag!
  7. I agreed with the rest of the ladies. :smile: 30 will be perfect.
  8. I haven't tried them on because we have no LV store here so I have to order online. That's why I want to be super sure! Does anyone have both and a picture of them side by side? I am leaning towards the 30 but would like to see a size comparison if possible! Thanks!
  9. I just got the 30 and its perfect..i honestly think that a 35 would look too big!
  10. Thanks girls. I have been looking at them again and I think I have decided on the 30. I am super excited! This will be my 5th LV!
  11. Hi! I dnt have pics. but if you're looking for an everyday bag. i think the 30 will be more appropriate:yes: but it depends on how much stuffs you carry everyday. and if you think your stuffs will fit in a 30. then go for the 30! for me 35 is too big. Goodluck!
  12. i'll post pics for you after I shower..i have 35 in mono, and 30 in azur. I really like both, to me the 35 is easier to get into because the zipper is longer, sometimes I have a hard time opening the 30 while both handles are on the crook of my arm (if you know what i mean). 35 sometimes does get too big for everday so I normally use that when i have a lot of stuff with me. 30 is great for everday as it is a great size.

    pics will be up in about 45 mins. stay tuned ;)
  13. Thanks so much! I'll check back!
  14. I have and love the 35 best.
  15. I like the size of both of them, but if you don't want a huge bag then the 30 would be a great choice.