SPEEDY 30 or 35 ?

  1. Bonjour, the difference of size between the SPEEDY 30 and the 35 is not very important. Why did you buy the 30 or the 35... or the both ?
  2. definitely 30 =)
  3. I like big bags and the 30 is BIG enough and then some. To me, the 35 is more of a little carry on bag for travel. :smile:
  4. I have the 30 and it's perfect! My MIL has the 35 and uses it as an overnight bag. It's huge as an everyday bag.
  5. i bought the 30 and it is more than big enough for everything i need. if you regularly stuff a light sweater, folders, etc. in your bag, i'd get the 35...but i didn't need that.

    kathyrose has a 35 and a 40. maybe she'll respond to this and tell you why she chose the bigger ones.
  6. :lol: - You thought of me! LOL!

    I love bigger bags so I got the 40 for myself. It's great for a weekend trip or something like that. I love it so much that my BF got me the 35 so I can use that as an everyday bag. It's not too big for my frame (I'm 5'5".....more like 5'5.5") and it looks right on me.

    Me and my 35:

    P3261339 (Large).JPG

    35 and 40:

    P3261261 (Large).JPG

    I had the 30 for a few days.....smaller than I thought. So I now have the 35 and 40. :love:
  7. I like 35 more than 30, the storage of 35 is about double of 30. I love bigger bags, I like to put tons of stuff in bag but still have lot of space, so I will vote for 35. (BTW, I'm 5'9)
  8. more comment for 30 and 35.

    I carry 35 is very relax, it is not that heavy. But if I put the same stuff (pochette accessories w/ wallet, pochette cles,cosmetic bag, MP3, tissue) into my 30, ahh~~~ it is so heavy. Maybe it is becoz it is concentrate in a small "area".
  9. I have the 35 and it's perfect.I think it depends on what you carry with you every day and,above all,on your body frame.If you're very thin and small the 30 should be more than enough...JMO :biggrin:
  10. O/T But kathyrose, you look SO CHIC!!!
  11. I always have to carry a ton of stuff -- you know the person who always has tylenol, band-aids, kleen-ex, gum that everyone comes to when they need it -- that's me. So, I need BIG. Which bag can fit under a seat when you are out and about?
  12. Fabulous!! :love: :love: Do you by chance have a pic of you standing sideways with it, or the bag sideways and you from the front?
    TIA! :shame:
  13. I'm 5'2" (usually 5'4"-5'5" with heels, though) and a size 14-16, I love my Speedy 35! The 30 was nice and the 40 was too big (but, great for a carryon). The 35 was perfect for an everyday bag, as Kathyrose stated, I too love big bags.
  14. P3261341 (Large).JPG

    Like that? I hope that's what you meant. I love Speedies. :love:
  15. LOL, thanks. BF took the pics and told me to hold the bag this way and that way and turn this way and that way. He likes the Speedy too cause if he has something that needs to be stashed away, hello Speedy!