Speedy 30 or 35 - monogram or damier ebene?


Jan 4, 2013
Hello! I'm a 18 years old guy, and I want to buy my third LV bag this week.
I currently own a Mick GM (which I use for school), and a Keepall mono macassar (for travelling).
I want to get a Speedy, but I can't decide the size and the print.
I would use it as an everyday bag, like carrying my stuff while going out with friends, etc.
Should I get the 30 or 35, and monogram canvas or damier ebene?


Shoe and Bag Addict
Oct 12, 2008
Charlotte, NC
35 Ebene - looks super hot. Saw a couple men in Germany over the holidays carrying them in the snowy/rainy Christmas markets. Seriously hot and sophisticated.


Nov 28, 2012
I think it would depend on how tall you are and whether or not you like big or smaller bags and what you carry in it.

I have the Speedy 35 Bandouliere but I don't even use it crossbody because it looks awkward that way. Instead I just use the shoulder strap or top handles to carry it.

I'm a guy, 5' 9" tall, 184lbs. and the 35 is just right for me, almost bordering on being too big (for an everyday bag).

Also, I had to buy a purse organizer because the inside of the Speedy 35 only has 1 slip pocket! :shrugs: Basically, without an organizer, ALL of your stuff will just go slipping and sliding around inside the Speedy so keep that in mind.