Speedy 30 or 35??? Help

  1. Trying to decide between a Speedy 30 or 35. I already have a 20 which i find is too small. Am about to have a baby so am also wondering if one needs to get roomier bags to accomodate bits and bobs. Opinions welcomed.

    Also if anyone has ideas on diaper bags. Have been cracking my skull!!!!
  2. I have both the 30 and 35 and really like them both. I know, not much help! LOL As for diaper bags I'm not sure if you're asking if LV has one (which they are coming out with one....so cute, in a blue and a pink), but I used a Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag and got SOOOO many compliments on it...didn't look like your ordinary diaper bag!! :yes:

  3. I have a 30 and I LOVE it. I'd probably like the 35 too though
  4. i only have 30...
    35 is a bit big for me...
    i'm 5'7
  5. I would normally say get the 30 but if you are using the speedy as a diaper bag than try the 35.
  6. I have 2 speedy 30s, they are the best!
  7. 35 perfect for tall woman :smile: or you'd go for it if you need larger bag. If you've had 25, you'd try 35 ;)
  8. i'm 5'5" and I have a 35! and I LOOOOVE ITTT!! what sold me to it was seeing jessica simpson with the 35! When I asked people (in a different forum) they said it was a 30 but I thought it lookeed bigger, and when I went to the store to try it, 30 was wayyy small for me! and I love the sag! sag is hot!
  9. I love big bags so I'd vote for the 35 although I must say I only have a 25 and a 30 so, IRL, I'm not sure exactly how big a 35 looks.
  10. I'd go for the 35.
  11. Try 35 if you love big bags, perfect :smile:
  12. Go for the 35 if you'll be carrying stuff for your baby in it, but I would recommend buying a strap so that your hands can be free. I have straps for my Speedys/Deauville and I love them!!! I know some people don't like straps on their Speedys, but the straps really help!!!!
  13. 35, esp. since you want to put more in it.
  14. Oh I love the sag too!
  15. go for the 35 :yes:

    When I got my speedy last year, I was debating between 25 and 30 ... when I got to the store to actually seel, feel and try them on, I noticed that both of them were to small for me (I'm 5"11') and my needs (I wanted an everyday bag to take to law school with me), so I went with the 35

    It's the perfect bag for me :love: