speedy 30 or 35? help me choose!

  1. I'll be ordering one or the other next week, but am having a difficult time deciding which one I want. I love big bags, but am worried that the speedy 35 might be a little bit too big. But, it seems like EVERYONE has either a 25 or 30.. so I think it might be fun to get a 35!

    anyways, just looking for some opinions.. :smile:
  2. No 35.

    I have 25 and 30 and I think that 30 is big enough (a little big for me too)

    Go for 30!
  3. I have the 35 and I love it! I bought it because I hadn't seen many 35s around and I thought it would be different and stand out. It is large, but if you like large bags I would go for it!
  4. i'll get the 30 because to me, 35 is just waaay too big.
  5. hmm, i think it depends on your size. if you're not very tall and you carry something as large as 35, the bag might just overwhelm your figure and really look like luggage. if you're pretty tall, you can probably rock 35 perfectly fine...for me, i'm 5'6 and 5'9 in heels, and the 30 is ALMOST too big...it's really big!!
  6. Doesn't Jessica Simpson sometimes carry the 35? I know she is 5'3" and the 35 looks perfect on her - not that i look ANYTHING like her (ha), but I am about 5'3"..

    I'm really torn!

    Thanks for all of your opinions though :smile:

    Anyone have pictures of them and the 35? I've seen tons of pictures with people & their 30's.. but none of the 35!
  7. I say go for the 30 !
  8. I say go to a boutique to try both on and think about how much stuff you carry around. I'm 5'8" without heels and I think the 35 would prolly be a good size for me, but with the small amount of stuff I carry, I would get a 30.
  9. I'd say 30. I find its perfect.
    35 might be too big unless you lug half of your cosmetics etc with you everywhere.

    I'm a minimalist and don't carry alot of stuff, but i still prefer the 30 over the 25, let alone a 35
  10. me, dh, and my 35. i had a bottom insert made-not a sag fan, but i think jessica simpson's 35 sags.
    sorry, having trouble uploading image-i'll work on it.
  11. I agree! I am looking at the 35 for the same reasons! I vote 35!
  12. I'm leaning more towards the 35 because I love really bags & definitely have more than enough crap to fill them up with! And I absolutely love how the 35 looks on Jessica Simpson.

    I'm just worried that the 35 will look more like luggage than a purse.

    I know someone mentioned trying both bags on, but I don't have a LV store anywhere close to me.. I'm ordering through Eluxury :s
  13. i think i did the attachment correctly this time.
    round 2 of me, dh, and 35.
  14. Wow, your bag (and you) look great, doesn't look too big, looks perfect actually! Will have to explore the 35 also...:yes:

    Thanks for posting...:yes:
  15. I'm going to say 30..most of my Speedys are that size and I love them!