Speedy 30 or 25? please share why. . .

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  1. I didn't think it would happen but I feel myself giving in to the "inevitable?" I'm seriously considering a Speedy. But there are no places to see one anywhere near here. Just cannot tell whether the 25 or the 30. Holding up pieces of paper, comparing to current bags --just cannot tell (I am 5'3"). The 30 size seems right on paper, but looks larger in the photos (?) Also, what does it look like if you do't completely load it up?

    So -- if you have a Speedy 25 or 30, would you please share why you chose it, and any suggestions . . .
  2. I'm 5'2" and have a 30. The 25 just felt too small to me. The 30 is a good size, and more versatile, IMO.
  3. hey ya
    im just 5'1" and i went for a speedy 30 - well to be honest i had no idea what i was looking for when i went into LV - the lady suggested a Speedy 30 because its the most popular size out of the Speedy range.... I totally LOVE the 30 because it holds lots of stuff eg, drink bottle, a light jacket etc...
    good luck on what you decide! :smile:
  4. I'm 5"4 and I have a Speedy 30. It's the perfect size and it holds a lot of things. The 25 for me is just too small. It does look big in pictures but is the perfect size IMO.
  5. i'm 4'11" and i have a 25. it's the perfect size for me. it fits everything i need plus it still has room for more.
  6. Go with 30!:love:
  7. Just like jstreete I'm 4'11" and bought the 25. The only thing of any real size that I carry is my itsy-bitsy laptop, and it along with my wallet, slim cosmetics case, "misc stuff" case, and two sets of keys fits fine.
  8. Go with the 30. I had one in my possession for a while (a used one) and it was a good size. I wouldn't go any smaller. I ended up selling it as my BF got me a 35. I had a 40 a little before that but that is more like something I'd take to travel with me.
  9. I am 5'1" and I have a Speedy mono 30 and an epi red in 25. I like the 30 in the mono but felt the 30 in the epi was a little too large. I like the epi in 25 much better.
  10. I have a 30 and I'm 5'6. I think it looks very good on many people and fits a ton. I also couldn't justify buying the smaller bag (the 25) when the 30 is a better deal.
  11. i'm 5'3 and wish i had a the mono 30.. I have the 25 and some days just have it so full i hate it.
    it was my first bag and the 30 looked to big for me at first( just because i wasnt a big bag person then) now omg i wish i had the 30 .. So go for it...
    if you're ordering from E-lux you can return it.

  12. Well thanks for all the responses so far and please keep them coming. I'm still standing in front of the mirror with my pieces of paper and similar-size bags and trying to decide! Thanks thanks thanks for all the input!
  13. I am 5'3 and carry the 25. It's perfect! However, I really think you can get away with either size. It just depends on how much you carry around with you on a daily basis. I prefer smaller bags in general.
  14. II'm 5'1" and the 30 was just too big. Plus, the SA said that the 25 looked cuter! haha :smile: However, it seems like the 30 is the more popular size and if I was only a little bit taller, I would definitely have opted for the 30. The 25 is very much a "cute" bag.. I'm not sure if it is substantial enough for many people to keep forever. I know of a lot of people who initially purchased the 25 and then sold it for the 30.
  15. I am having the same problem, at first i thought the 30 looked huge and didnt want to carry it around everywhere.. but nothing annoys me more than not being able to fit all my junk in one bag... so i think i will also go the 30.. plus its only an extra $20 on elux :smile: