Speedy 30 Monogram

  1. Hi ladies! I just wanted your opinions. When a person buys an LV for the first time, the most common suggestion is the Speedy 30 monogram.

    I'm not really familiar with the LV history, but is it the first style created? If ever that it is, is there any other reason why it has to be the 1st LV bag for a newly born baghag? :yes:
  2. It was not the first thing created by LV (that would be the trunks)!
    However, it is the most popular bag for many reasons. It's popularity is mainly due to the beautiful Audrey Hepburn being seen carrying it!
    The biggest reason for it's popularity nowadays is probably because of the price!!!! The cheapest bag at LV for its size, etc.!
  3. ^I agree!
  4. It's timeless, classic, you'll never tire of it. Other styles come and go but this one is definitely a keeper.
  5. Yup, this was even the bag my mom first got in 1990!
    It's a classic style that will always be around, it's pretty much a staple and it fits a nice amount of items as well. Plus, you can't beat the price compared to some of the others.
  6. LVbabydoll--does your mom still have her 1990 speedy? How does it look now? Can you post a photo if she does indeed still have it? Just curious. TIA.
  7. in the 1990's? and she still uses it? wow, that is so great to hear. LV bags can really stand up to time.
  8. My vote is for the speedy as well overall a great bag!!!