Speedy 30 Monogram... with paint...

  1. Hi guys! I'm thinking of getting a Speedy 30 Monogram as well.. But I read on the website you can have some hand painting on it.. Can LV paint a big cerise on my LV?? Will they allow it? And if yes, around how much do you think will it cost? Because the Mono Speedy for me looks plain and I wanted something on it so that it will outstand to the Speedies I usually see everywhere here in Hong Kong.. What do you think?
  2. Hm I didn't know that LV does this? Would be cool if you could.
  3. That would be so awesome!
  4. They do actually, it was stated on the website.. They handpaint on the bags.. But my doubt is if they'll allow to paint a big cerise on a mono..
  5. That would be cute, but I very much doubt they would paint a Cerise, since it was a limited edition thing.
  6. ^ if they can't hmmm.. what do you guys think will be a nice paint for a mono?? i love to get a mono with handpainting to be different!
  7. Wow! That is sooo cool that they do that.... does anyone have pictures of some that have been done? Maybe then we can get some more ideas for you iqaganda
  8. here's a pic...but you kinda have to look closely...
    speedy color.jpg
  9. i doubt that they would be able to paint a cerise due to copyright issues, but yes in europe you can have speedies painted by LV. they must be ordered, because the painting process happens while the canvas is still in the flat, so it has to be done to a new piece. you can get stripes, numbers or custom designs such as family crests. you can check out the lv uk website for a video.
  10. I guess I'm strange, but I don't want anything painted on my LV. I like it the way it is!
  11. Hmmm.. i wonder how much that would bump up the price then??
  12. Awww!! THIS IS SOO GORGEOUS!! I wanted one for real!!
  13. im pretty sure its just for the stripes...you can choose from certian colors...you cant choose like a picture...to my knowledge
  14. I highly doubt you'd be able to put a Cerise on your bag.

    I think your Speedy would look GREAT with a stripe... I saw two painted stripes on the corner of an Abbesses Messenger at this year's S/S trunk show... it looked great.
  15. put stripes or your initials, like the Goyards.