Speedy 30 mono or mini lin ebene?

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  1. Hmmm...which do you prefer? I am torn!!! :p
  2. Mono for classic...I'm sorry, but I honestly think that although the Mini Lin is gorgeous, it doesn't hold up very well. I used mine for about 3 months and the lock rubbing against the bag discolored the material.
  3. I'd go with the classic Mono. :tup:
  4. Mini Lin .. I've used it for over 6 months nearly non stop and it absolutely perfect!!! Understand elegance and NO vachetta to fret over.
  5. Although I am fully aware that the mono will last longer, I still prefer the mini lin because it's not as common and has no vachetta to worry about.

  6. was it from the lock tarnishing? Did you get it wet?
  7. I would have to say that if you don`t already have a mono piece in your closet, then get the classic. But if you do, go for the mini lin. (I really like the mini lin) good luck!
  8. Mini Lin!!!

    I love mine. I have both the Ebene and the Dune. I love that there is no Vachetta to always worry about and you still get the LV logo. I love how light weight it is. Another great thing is not everyone has one. To me it is the perfect Speedy.
  9. MINI LIN ebene
  10. isnt this bag hot!
    [​IMG] ( taken from your lv in action thread)
  11. looks gorgeous! Just conerned about mini lin getting dirty in the winter (brushing up against cars with road salt...snow, etc)
  12. I think if you don't have a mono speedy 30, you need one as your staple bag, then you can get the mini lin at some point.
  13. Like beljwl, I have the mini lin in both dune and ebene. However, I also have a mono speedy 25. I think if you're starting out, get the mono first. If you've already got a mono, then go with mini lin.

    Keep in mind that the material on these bags is totally different -- the mono will be stiffer than the mini lin.
  14. I love mini lin ebene - beautiful, no-maintenance and NO VACHETTA! ;)
  15. [​IMG]