Speedy 30... Mono or Damier?

  1. Okay, this is VERY premature, since I'm still holding out until May (not long now!) to break out my Lichen Denim GM for Spring/Summer, but I'm already looking towards next fall and wondering which would be the better choice... a Speedy 30 in Mono or Damier?

    Inside my bags I carry a Mono big zip-around wallet, but with a black MC wapity and a black MC pochette MM. So... pros and cons? I kinda like the Damier print better, but at the same time, I sort of prefer the vachetta to the brown leather trim of the Mono. Should I be thinking of the black MC Speedy instead?:confused1: Nah -- I don't like the trim on it that much. At least from the elux pic. Opinions?
  2. I contemplated the mono vs damier when I purchased my speedy. I finally decided on the mono - to me it looks like the more "classic" speedy.
  3. I like the mono!:smile:
  4. Classic Mono!!
  5. Mono for sure, I love mine!
  6. I have both and I really love the Damier. I like that the handles are dark and the interior is a beautiful red color.
  7. mono
  8. Damier- less copied, and you don't have to worry about the leather too much.
  9. I am graduating college this May, and I am also getting my first LV (speedy 25 Damier).... I think Damier has a cleaner look (darker color overall) and it's more chic i think~:p
  10. mono
  11. I like the mono in a 30, damier looks better in the 25 size IMO.
  12. I like the Mono!!!
  13. Damier!
  14. Damier I love mine!!!!!
  15. I'll have to say Damier!