Speedy 30: Mono or Damier/Azur?? predivide and disadvantages please!

  1. Hello
    I have always still the same problem. I can't decide me.
    At first I must say that I looooove the speedy mono. It's so classic and just beautiful, but on the other side I see soo many people with one, most of them fakes. but shoudn't I buy one only because of the other people? (but i have allready two in the same print)would it be stupid?
    I thougt i would buy an damier or damier azur.
    But then I think the damier is not so my type. It's nice but it doesn't touch my soul .. but it's good to wear in the rain, I don't have to worry.
    The azur is brightly and recreating but at the same time sensitively. And I'm not sure if its not to trendy and if its only a summer bag. The colors are trend in 2007 but what is in the next year?
    I don't want to buy an speedy every year..

    I hope you can help me
    ( friday is the big day, the azur is from paris arrived and so I have to decide me between these bags...)
    It would be nice if you have more predivides and disadvantages for the bags..
  2. Azur is gorgeous! And it's not "trendy" - it only seems that way now because it's new. It's part of the permanent collection so it will become a timeless classic like the mono and regular damier, I'm sure! I am biased. If you don't love damier then don't force yourself to get one. If your heart is with mono, stay with it because you are going to pay a lot of money so make sure you love it forever!
  3. thank you :smile:
    I have decide me :wlae:
    I was in the lv store today and I 've looking at the azur speedy and I dont like it. The mono is my favorite, I love it so much, it's unbelievable:heart::p
  4. If you like monogram speedy the best, go for it!
  5. I like the mono speedy the best too!
  6. I have the speedy 30 and it is absolutely my fav bag....so much room and a timeless style-I know you won't be disappointed!!!:heart:
  7. I have the speedy 30 and it is absolutely my fav bag- so much room and a timeless style- you are going to love it!! :heart:
  8. I have the Azur Speedy 30 and would now like to get the Damier...because every time I see a hint of rain I start to panic about the vachetta! That is really the only disadvantage, I think the Azur colour is a classic and not too trendy at all. It's very refreshing amongst the sea of brown!
  9. I will probably get the Damier at some point too, but I'm going to look into SO'ing a 35.
  10. i am so glad that my first piece was a mono speedy 30.
    it opened me up to buying things other than mono.
    otherwise, i think i would have bought a damier first then never bought anything other than mono bc the mono speedy 30 really is the staple holding it down in my collection. the speedy IS a mono item. its just classic.
  11. you know, whenever i go to Los Angeles (was brought up there but am now in the southeast US), there is a gorgeous Speedy mono on the arm of every gorgeous trendsetting woman....................far more so than down here, where they mix it up with Chanel, Gucci, Prada, etc. A classic is eternal (although i just bought the Speedy Dentelle in silver :p)
    the Azur is pretty.............i like feminine takes on classics..............
  12. How about getting a Mini Lin Speedy. What is so great about it is. You get dark leather handles so there is no Vachetta to get dirty and you still get the LV monogram. And not every one has one.

  13. you could always stray a bit from mono and get the mini lin! its very similar and the fabric is lighter too...haha i;m biased. i'm getting the mini lin too thats why LOL