Speedy 30 Mini Lin Wrinkly?

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  1. So I'm in love with this purse, searched on ebay, but it seems that it literally was crammed into a box or something because good lord, it has so many wrinkles on it!

    For you speedy owners of the mini lin: does it usually does this after a few uses?
    I have the speedy mono 30, and since its leather.. its has to be smooth.

    Should I just opt in buying a new one from the store?
    Or can I put a shaper in the used wrinkly one? Would it smooth it out?

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. the only wrinkley part of my mini lin speedy are the handles.

    the body is wrinkle free. i thought i read somewhere on this forum that the mini lin speedy shouldn't be folded cuz the wrinkles would be hard to get out.

    to answer your question, after a few uses, mine was still wrinkle free.
  3. Yes, the wrinkles will smooth out with use, and the aid of a stuffing device (pillows, clean shirts, etc). The body of the mini lin can be folded back up since it's just a cloth body, but with coated canvas it's not recommended to store for long periods of time since the coated canvas might crack.
  4. I think the wrinkles will come out. Since it is just fabric I would take it into the bathroom and turn on the hot water and let it steam up and it should help get the wrinkles out.
  5. i don't have one therefore i don't know for sure but since its linen its usually hard to get the wrinkes out unless u steam and flat it out and the mono speedy is canvas not leather it is not always natually smooth.