Speedy 30 MADE IN FRANCE??

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  1. Anyone know where I can get a Monogram Speedy30 MADE IN FRANCE in california? THKS
  2. i bought my speedy 30 in LV boutique in Union Square, San Francisco downtown.
  3. You can call the LV boutique around your area asking if they have it. They may tell you, they may not. You can go in there and ask for one and maybe they can look for you from the back.
  4. Is it difficult for them to get one made in France? If they don't have one can they find one from another LV? :flowers:
  5. It's hard to find Speedys that are made in France now since they have factories here in the US. I wanted one myself. I called five LV boutiques and they couldn't find one for me. I just settled for one made in the USA.
  6. ^^^What she said. If you want one, you have to call around and that doesn't mean you're going to find it.
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