Speedy 30 keys

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  1. This is a really silly question, but how many keys does the monogram canvas speedy 30 come with? I keep remembering it came with more than one key but I only have one. I have been searching for the other "missing" key. Now I'm thinking maybe I remembered wrong? :wacko: Looking for the key is driving me nuts. Please help...
  2. You aren't nuts! It came with 2.
  3. thanks for clearing that up! :amuse:

    Now comes the part I'm not looking forward to.... I have to continue looking for that key. My closet is a mess already, now I have to search for a tiny key that could possibly be anywhere.
  4. The mono speedy always comes with 2 keys.
  5. LOL, you could always go to LV and get new ones! Unless you feel like spring cleaning the closet!
  6. two keys
  7. Unfortunately there are no LV stores :sad2: near me. I had bought mine on vacation last year.
  8. I finally found my other key. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: Thanks all for your help.
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