Speedy 30 in Red epi leather or Damier Canvas?

  1. I love the looks of both. Which is more versatile? Durable? Classic? I'd love any thoughts on this...I'm new to Louis Vuitton. :smile:
  2. You can match the damier to more outfits. the damier canvas is flexible so it has that causal sag when the bag is not very full. The epi speedy keeps its shape. so it depends on whta type of effect you're going for.

    P.S. I think they're both durable, but someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Agree with MissThing, also the Red Epi is more rare, there are lots more Damier Speedies out there, if you want to stand out, the red Epi would be a good choice -- if you truly want a classic, the Damier is especially classic. I prefer structure which the epi will give you more --- personal taste at that point. In the long run, I think the Damier will look best over a long period of time, I think the Epi does get nicks and scratches more easily, someone may want to address that because I dont know from experience. But ooooh I love red !!!
  4. You can't go wrong with either one. I personally prefer the red epi (loves! :heart: ). I love the smell of epi leather! My epi speedy is 3 years old and it still has that new smell! I get so many compliments on this bag. Even DH loves it! However, the Damier goes with everything and is slightly more durable (you just can't wear out that coated canvas). My Damier Saleya and Red Epi Speedy are 2 of my very favorite bags!
  5. I misread your headline and thought it said Damier Canvas with RED EPI. OMG! You should so do that as an SO! :yahoo:
  6. Red Epi! leather wins over canvas for me...
  7. Damier!!
  8. Damier! Epi is too stiff IMO. If I wanted a leather bag, I'ld go for something soft.
  9. I'd go with the red epi because it is eye-catching and gorgeous! But it is true that damier goes with more.
  10. Damier!
  11. damier :yes:
  12. Definitely Damier.
  13. red epi, beacuse it will stand out
  14. I would say the damier canvas.
  15. damier :smile: