Speedy 30 in rain/snow?

  1. I’m considering investing in a Mono Speedy 30. If I do end up getting it, it would pretty much be my everyday bag that I use for school. The only problem is that I go to school in a city that experiences a ridiculous amount of rain/snow for about 4-5 months of the year. I’ve heard (and read all over this forum) that Speedys are very durable and can suffer through a lot without any major damage, but I wanted to get a second opinion as to whether or not you ladies think it can withstand all this.
  2. I think the general opinion around here is that you should avoid the rain or snow with the monogram canvas.:smile: I'm scared to use my speedy if there are clouds in the sky!
  3. i agree. i don't think you want to get brand new vachetta wet.
  4. ^^ Ditto, even after spraying my Speedy with Shining Monkey....I wouldn't carry it if it was raining or snowing.
  5. Lilian, I see you are from Toronto. I am from Vancouver and it is just as bad here ! heehee
  6. BTW, does anyone know if Epis are ok in rain?
  7. I actually go to school in Kingston, which is right on water like Vancouver. Toronto rain is a drizzle compared to the monsoons in Kingston, so I definately feel your pain :smile:.

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I think I'll still get it, but only use it for the summer months/be extremely carefull.
  8. Maybe you should wait and get a damier speedy? Seems like a good choice for you.
  9. Yes ! :amuse:
  10. I agree, the mono Speedy are not good to use in the rain or snow. The vachettas can get easily wet.
  11. if you dont like the patina then go for a damier.
  12. thanks Ayla, I was just wondering about that today, too.
  13. Hi there. I would suggest the Damier Speedy. I have a 30 and it's been great..no worries about rain, dirt...it's a fantastic bag!
  14. Agreed. I use my epi even when it rains and no problem at all.:biggrin:
  15. I get possessive with my Speedy and any other leathers... Something more sturdy, like Epi or Damier might be better.