Speedy 30 in Mono or Azur? :(

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  1. Hello! :smile: This is my first post heree, hope I'm not doing anything wrong~

    So I'm getting my first LV and after looking around the forum I decided that the Speedy would probably be a best first bag for me, but I'm having trouble deciding what canvas to get it in! I've been wanting the Speedy in Azur canvas since forever, but I saw a picture of Audrey Hepburn with the Mono and that made me fall in love with it. T_T That, plus it shows how timeless the monogram canvas is!

    The thing is that the Azur canvas is more of a fun bag for me since I'm in college, but I'm afraid I'll grow out of it in a few years. BUT I can't get myself to stop wanting it even after setting my mind on the mono LOL :sad: So I'm turning to tPFers to help me! :smile: I'm actually going to buy it todayy, so hopefully I get some input before I go! Thanks in advance~ :smile:
  2. It sounds like you really want the azur :biggrin: If in a few years you get tired of it (I don't think you will ;)) you can always sell it... I have the mono as I don't personally like the speedy in azur (planning on a NF in azur).

    Don't buy the mono just because Audrey Hepburn had it :P it can always be your second bag! Enjoy whatever you decide! And welcome :smile:
  3. Out of your story I read that you have your heart set on the azur. So just get that one. I think that if you will buy the mono your heart still will be with the azur.
  4. ^ Thanks for the opinions! :smile: I probably will go with the Azur!

    I have oneee other concern about the Azur though, does it get dirty easily? :sad: I'm one of those people who get really paranoid about using their bags for fear of getting them dirty!
  5. Follow your heart and get the Azur. You can get Mono later. Let us know what you decide!!
  6. Get the azur..you can always get the mono next time.
  7. Personally I prefer the Mono in the 30, but you seem to have your heart set on the Azur.
  8. #8 Feb 15, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2010
    I much prefer the mono for several reasons: more classic, goes with more, looks gorgeous once it starts to patina whereas the azur doesn't look good with patina, and no worries about transfer from your jeans to your bag, which happened to one of my daughters. Also the bag got dingy. The combination of dingy with dark patina and blue jean staining wasn't pretty. You can't go wrong with a mono speedy. Also, while I know a lot of people say azur is rear round, I think it's more of a summer bag. I love the mono. I've had mono speedies over 20 years and each of my college age daughters have one too. Gorgeous!
  9. Just returned from Paris, and saw two Azur Speedys. They looked fantastic ! It is also less common to see around than mono. I vote for Azur for sure !
  10. I want to say Azur because it sounds like you really like it, but I have to go with Mono on this one. I know how I treated my bags in college and they went through more than they do now (sitting in an office drawer all day) - parties, class to class, and definitely a lot of jeans so concern of color transfer. I suggest Mono because it's more durable - if you still want the Azur you can save up with your first job after you graduate!
  11. I disagree that the azur doesn't look good with patina. I think it looks fantastic. I say go with your heart. You could always get the mono down the line.
  12. i got the speedy 30 azur for my bday 2 months ago....i love it and get so many compliments....i hope you choose what you love and go for it!
  13. I think the Monogram looks fabulous so that gets my vote.
    If you get the one you love you can't go wrong. You'll want another one sooner than later anyway:smile:
  14. Sorry, I never really cared for the Azur print at all. I love my Mono Speedy 30. It's such a versatile bag and I can't wait for the vachetta turns darker.
  15. I have both Mono and Azur pieces; in particular larger Mono Speedys (40 & 45) and an Azur Saleya MM. If you love the Azur, then I'd certainly go with what you love...You'll wind up using it more. I've had my Azur bag for years, and the handles have patina, and the bag still gets compliments. It doesn't look dingy, and I haven't had any problems with color transfer thus far. In fact, I was using it this past Saturday, and I had 3 women in LV try to buy it thinking that it was up for sale (I have bag "jewelry" on it too, which they thought it came with! :biggrin:).

    Get what's going to make you happy...If that's the Azur Speedy, then go for it!
    GL deciding!!