Speedy 30 in Damier or Damier Azur???

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  1. Hi ladies,

    im looking to get my first LV, ive narrowed it down to the Speedy in either Damier Ebene or Damier Azur....

    im leaning towards the Azur since it seems really fresh, but the dark brown seems like a classic too?

    thoughts?? thanks in advance, you all are so friendly and helpful :smile:
  2. I like both - i'd prefer the 30 in Damier though, because it looks really chique, most people find it less maintenance... and it looks really beautiful and classic. But both are a good choice :yes:
  3. I prefer ebene. Azur doesn't appeal to me..but get what you like :balloon:
  4. I absolutely love the azur, The ebene would be easier to take care of though, on another note, if this is your first LV, why not mono? You don't get any more classic then that.
  5. Damier Ebene
  6. That's a hard one. I love both but for a first LV I would do mono then damier!
  7. Damier Ebene
  8. Ebene :heart:
  9. Ebene!
  10. Ebene if was only between those two.
  11. I'm not a big fan of Ebene, so I would get the Mono 30 first- always a classic- then the Azur!
  12. I love the Speedy in Ebene. It looks timeless and is worry-free.
  13. ebene then azur :graucho:
  14. i see so many speedys esp in my country so i would like to be just a wee bit different. im going to get the azur. its not as common. :biggrin:
  15. Damier Ebene