Speedy 30 Giant Reverse Monogram vs Speedy 30 WT black trim

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  1. Can I have some votes on this one please?!? I'm torn between the World Tour Speedy 30 (with black trim, of course) with 1 simple patch on the front (my initials), or the Giant Reverse Monogram Speedy 30. I love them both!! Thanks TPF nation!
  2. I would buy the world tour with 1 patch!
  3. Thanks Loulou! Any other votes?
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  4. The World Tour with one patch too.:smile:
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  5. World Tour with 1 patch
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  6. It's sounding like World Tour Speedy wins in popularity! I thought I loved the Giant Reverse Speedy when I saw it, but now I feel like it looks like the LV bag they put on Couture Barbie. LOL
  7. WT would be my choice, I don’t own one because I’d prefer a size 25, otherwise I find the black trim very versatile. GLD!
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  8. WT. I bought the reverse and returned it because I didn’t like it.
  9. Thanks for the votes and comments! I too bought the Reverse Speedy, but have buyer’s remorse : /
  10. WT.
    Mono Géant is for clowns only.
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  11. WT
  12. World Tour!
  13. world tour. i have not been able to talk myself into liking the giant line, although i have really tried. i still prefer the traditional monogram canvas.
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  14. I love, love, love the black with the monogram. World Tour!
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  15. WT is wonderful !!!!