Speedy 30..freakishly big??


May 16, 2006
Nope!! I have the Speedy 30 and I love it! I'm 5'7" and not really a fan of super huge bags...and I kind of think that a 35 would be better for me, lol.

I was surprised when I went to LV Tysons Corner to check out the different type of Speedys. I was surprised by how small the 25 was!!


Aug 31, 2006
I'm 5'4" and about 110-115 lbs...but I don't like the 30, esp. when I tried it on. I have bigger bags, but I think I prefer big bags that are more vertical than horizontal. The 25 is tiny, but I think it'd suit me better (since I don't hold a lot of things in my bags, anyway).


Ya, but no.
Apr 17, 2006
I'm 5'5" (1/2) lol and the majority of my Speedies are 30. I only have 2 (25s) Cerise, and Epi.

When I do get my Azur I'm getting it in 30. I like having the extra room and being able to throw magazines inside. The 25 is really cute, but just seems to small for what I need. I tend to use my 30s more cuz I like the extra room.

I do loving my Epi Red 25 cuz I LOVE THE RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (but the epi speedies run bigger though...) My cerise is so small to me. I gotta push myself to use it more often. It is adorable!! Sometimes the size hinders me from using it though...:s When I go on shorter trips out I try and use it but I can't seem to get away from my speedy 30s. lol...:rolleyes:
Sep 26, 2006
Today I tried on a speedy epi in red in 25 and found it too small, I compared it to a monogram one in 25 in the shop and it is indeed a bit bigger-but not big enough for me (162cm). And I found the opening really small in comparison to the 30.


My dear Watson
Sep 19, 2006
i have the 40 and in fact just broke it out again today. i am 5'3" w/medium build and it looks just fine on me. it is stuffed with kid stuff, however, and thus holds it's shape fairly well (not much sagging going on).