Speedy 30..freakishly big??

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  1. I am in love with the speedy style but when I went to the store and looked at the azur speedy 30 it was just sooo big .. so I got the azur 25 unstead. But now after looking at all the pictures I think I want a 30!! So which one of the speedies do you guys think look the smallest or seems to fit with someone thats 5'5" and 125lb..mono, mini lin or the damier? :shrugs:

    Thanks!! ;)
  2. Nope..I'm 5'2 and have one..it doesn't look horrible..let me find the picture..
  3. I actually prefer the Damier :yes:

  4. I have azur in 25 and I think it's cute. I have normal damier in 30 already.I think for your size you can rock 25 and 30 no problem. I got azur 25 because I prefer smaller size for something that bright.
  5. I think Damier/Azur styles look better in the 25, and styles with the monogram in the 30.

    I have a monogram speedy 30, and I'm going to get the Azur speedy 25 next.
  6. ^^ looks nice on you Rebecca..
  7. Thanks Nita! :smile:
  8. Yes Rebecca..the damier looks really good on you!! I really like my azur 25 because like you said Nita it is bright..maybe that's why it looked huge in the 30..so now i have to decide which one to get in speedy 30. Do you guys think that the if i speedy the damier 30 that would be weird because I already have the azur..it would be like getting the same shirt but different colors.. :girlsigh:

    thanks for everyone's comments so far!!
  9. I say speedy 30, but if you are not used the style of bag it will look big at first. Trust me it wont take long and you will be drooling for the 30, the 25 will seem small.
  10. LOL I think that the 30 is small!! My fav size is the 35!!!
  11. uhmm.. i'm 5'4 and i weigh around 115, and i look really good with a 30, i can rock a 25 but i just don't like the opening. and mini lin only comes in a 30
  12. When I saw the pictures, I didn't realize that many of the women posting were so short, and that is why the Speedy looked so big. I am almost 6 ft tall, and the Speedy 30 does not look huge at all on me. The 25 would have looked way too small, and maybe the 35 would have been good too.
  13. ^yup I'm 5'10" and looove the 35!!
  14. I'm 5'2" and I love the 30. The 25 probably looks better on me proportion wise, but it doesn't fit all my junk. Perhaps the azur 30 looks huge because it's white. The brown damier 30 is dark so it might not appear as big :shrugs:
  15. I'm just a bit taller than you and I :heart: my Damier Azur 30. I think your frame would look great with any size!