Speedy 30 for sister bd present

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  1. Hi
    I want to buy a Speedy 30 in Azur White for my sister's bd present.
    I haven't shop at lv for a couple year now.

    Any advise are welcome, is this color aged well? Easy to use?

    My sister is 162cm and 50 kg. Is 30 the right size?
    Thanks so much

    Ps. Does Changi airport(Singapore) have a lv store?
  2. Anyone?
  3. 30 is definitely the right size for your sis. Singapore Changi doesn't have any LV boutique.

    I don't own any Azur and not sure how it ages. Sorry.
  4. Love speedy 30 Azur! :smile:
  5. I would say this...some people think azur does not age well. Personally, I think it can look nice with a dark patina, but it depends on the style of bag. With a speedy I think it looks fine. If you are unsure, do a search on this forum for pictures. The clubhouse and other places should have pictures of azur bags with different stages of patina.

    Some people have experienced problems with color transfer. I have a azur handbag, a galliera pm, and I have never had problems with this. but it might be because it is a shoulder bag, so it never touches my jeans.

    I think you are a great sister to get your sister such a present! I am sure whatever you decide she will be very happy.
  6. The azur is one of my favorites. Once the patina leather has darken it looks so pretty agains the azur canvas. I find that is such a great combination. I just got my first speedy 30 in azur this summer and i love it. The only thing that i don't like about it, is the handle getting dirty. i used my bag all summer and i haven't had any colour transfer from jeans etc..
  7. 30 would definitely be the right size
  8. My speedy is the Damier azur. I personally love the canvas with some patina. I agree with a previous poster who said her handles got dirty. I have the same issue with my speedy. Even though I try to be careful I ended up with these grey dirt marks in my handles. But cleaning wipe baby wipes did help it. All in all I love my azur speedy. It's perfect for the summer! You're a great sister!
  9. Thank you ladies. My sister loves lady like colors, pink, white, ect
    I think if I get her the monogram or ebene, it would be a safe color chioce

    But I don't know if she will love it.

    In the other hand, I know she will love the azur color for sure. But I don't know how long this bag as a present will last with her. She is very careless with things--'
  10. +1. A dark patina on azur is TDF!
  11. I think if you know she will love the azur for sure, you should probably get that colour. With the monogram bag, since it is also vachetta leather, it will still have problems with keeping it perfectly clean. Out of the three the ebene is the "safest" but I know some people aren't a fan of the ebene colour and pattern. And maybe your sister will be extra careful with the azur since it will be a special gift from you?
  12. Speedy 30 is a great choice. But I am not sure about Azur. I saw one who got dirty (the canvas, I don't mean the vachetta), like yellowed a little, and it didn't look so good. But maybe it depends on the way you treat your bag. Anyway, I think Mono is really beautiful and classic and looks wonderful after years... :smile:
  13. I would have suggested the Azur Speedy 30 before you said that she is careless... I now think Ebene is the better choice. I do love the Azur Speedy on young girls though... I think it looks so fresh and hip.
  14. Thank you all.
    Now I'm not sure again if I should get speedy 30 azur or/ the new speedy with strap (what do u call it? Sorry i don't know much about lv options)

    But my friend told me that the one with the strap doesn't have azur, am I right?