speedy 30 damier or momogram?

  1. I'm new to the lv thing I'm a coach girl, earlier this year I purchased my 1st lv, the mirior alma n gold.nw I'm saving up 4 eithr the speedy30 the damier n gray or the brown monogram I'm not sure which 2 get I need help! is the damier something I can wear aftr labor day(cant wear white after) 2 go with my off white trench coat?
  2. Do you mean the azur print when you say damier in gray?
  3. I think you should go for the classic Monogram Canvas first. :tup:
  4. I prefer the monogram :yes:
  5. monogram!
  6. damier all the way!
  7. Damier! :tup:
  8. go with Damier! You see it less than the mono and well I just think it looks better =)
  9. i say get the monogram for now and get the damier azur in spring time!
  10. hmmm, i say monogram!
  11. Monogram -- perfect for Fall and Winter! I agree with the others-- get Azur in the spring.
  12. I like the monogram (it's the first LV bag I'm getting in the speedy) I don't like Damier except in Azur but thats just my personal choice.
    Have fun!
  13. I just got my first LV/Speedy and I'm in love with having it in Monogram!!!! I don't have to worry that much about getting it dirty... I love the azur but decided to keep with azur accessories for now :yes:
  14. Monogram! It's a classic!
  15. Mono.