Speedy 30 - Damier or Damier Azure?

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm new here, but find all the posts really useful and inspiring!

    I want to get a speedy for the year end, and can't decide whether to go with the damier which I lurve:love: (have a wallet and a little shoulder bag in damier...) or get the new azure instead? Won't get the mono cos there are just too many fakes out there (sad but true...:shrugs: ).

    Is the azure too casual for work? Too hard to maintain? You think it'll look "dated" in years to come as compared to the damier? Confusion!!! Help?;)
  2. i personally like the classic damier if you want to get it right now, but azur can be nice in other seasons and its more casual in my point of view ! and WELCOME to TPF :smile: !!!
  3. I carry my azur pochette all the time to work. I love it. It's a very refreshing color!

    Good luck with your decision!
  4. I dont own any yet, but i love Azur - i think it looks so pretty and will look amazing when it will snow!:smile:
  5. Why don't you get a regular damier 30 first and the azur in 25 later on? :yes:
  6. i see azur as more of a spring/summer bag but know some pf'ers use it in winter because it is really refreshing..I'd suggest to get regular damier for winter as you won't have to worry about the vachetta, and azur of summer so you can let the vachetta tan!!!

    good luck, hard choice ahead of you ;)
  7. i like the azur better..its looks so clean and refreshing...brightens any outfit :yes:
  8. I prefer the regular damier. I like darker colors, though. The azur kind of messes with my eyes for some strange reason!
  9. I'm really liking the Azur...gets my vote!
  10. Welcome to the board! I'd have to agree with frannita: regular damier 30 and damier azur 25.
  11. I'd go for regular Damier...
  12. azur
  13. Regular Damier. Then again I'm the clumsy type so Azur SCARES me. :shocked:
  14. I have to agree with the ladies that said the Azur! I love it! To me, the Damier is so drab, I own a Speedy 30. When the Azur came out I was so excited because it is so girly! When ever I see regular Damier, I can't help but think it supposed to be something a man is carrying. JMO
  15. Get both ..

    I love my damier but look forward for my azur..