Speedy 30: Damier (dark) or Mini Lin (Ebony)???

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  1. Hi,

    I have just made me first purchase of LV in Stockholm and I bought the Speedy Mini Lin in Ebony because it just fits my style. I also bought the super cute Manon Pochette in Mini lin too.

    Now I am having second thoughts if it wouldn't be better to buy the speedy in a more long term material like Damier canvas, I guess it would stand the test of time better, or what do you think.

    Please I would be grateful for any comments and good input in the matter, have any of you bought the mini lin serie and have any insights as to how it stands for normal wear ???? :crybaby:

    THANKS so Much for any comments!!!!

  2. I am interested in what people have to say as I am considering getting the Mini Lin Manon MM. I am worried that the color will fade or that the fabric will get fuzzy because of rubbing against my body while I have it on my shoulder.

    I think the Mini Lin speedy is very pretty. However, I've read several posts that members have taken off the lock because it caused discoloration on the bag.
  3. Hi Keokicat,

    Thanks a lot for your comment, I also worry about the fadding and the fabric getting scratchted. Maybe it would be wiser to go for the Damier, to be on the safe side and it is also very elegant.

    What do you think??

  4. In the long run, I think the Damier will last longer.
  5. I will say for Damier Ebony, I'm not a fan of canvas but CONGRATS for your purchase :tup: just keep it if you like it.
  6. Hi,

    Thanks for your comments.
    I went and exchanged it for a Speedy 30 Damier and I also got the Milla Pochette (larger size) in Monogram Canvas.
    I hope I made the right choice.....I still think the Mini Lin is much nicer, but I am trying to think practical......maybe I'll buy the mini lin another time......

    Have a nice weekend!!

  7. I have both...honestly, I do worry less about the Damier, but I think the Mini Lin is prettier!
  8. My Damier Speedy 30 looks just as new as the day I bought it, and it is about 2 old. It really stands the test of time! Congrats!
  9. I prefer Mini Lin. It's much prettier
  10. i have the same dilemma - went to the boutique and saw the mini lin - it was my first love for a speedy and especially when paired with the trunks keychain (hotness :drool:)... but after reading the post here about discolouration and fuzzying, i am leaning more to the damier in ebene now...
  11. The Damier Ebene will be a bag for a longer time. Classy and really nice. The Mini Lin is cute, but I would prefer the Damier.
  12. do u really think mini lin is nicer than the damier?
    im leaning towards the damier to buy.....but i dont know.....i love the mini lin ebene too....
  13. THANKS!! to all of you for your great input and comments.
    I do not regret the Damier Ebene, since I am a mom of two girls (1,5 and 4,5 years old), I have to think practical. But I will definetly buy the Mini Lin soon, It is just so much prettier....

    Buy for now!!

  14. Mini Lin looks nicer but damier is worry-free
  15. I have a mini lin speedy and I love it. I have had it for over a year and it still looks perfect.