Speedy 30 Damier azur or galliera

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  1. Hi ladies, I'm
    Just wondering which bag would u reccomend getting? Speedy 30 in Damier azur or the galliera monogram one? I got the speedy 30 in monogram,neverfull GM in monogram and Eva in Damier azur. I love how the speedy 30 in Damier azur looks as it doesn't seem to look worn out even after heavy use when looking at pictures but galliera seems more comfier to carry. If you got the galliera one, do u regret or is it like your everyday bag? Thank you
  2. I would get speedy b DA
  3. I would go for the classic speedy in the summery azur. Stunning bag.
    The Galliera is a bit "dated" in my eyes. I just sold mine as the brass rings kept leaving a black mark on the leather, as well as I don't like how the opening lost it's shape and how narrow it felt. Speedy all the way.
  4. Speedy. I'm not a fan of the gold plate on the Galliera.
  5. Speedy. I agree with Nakita. It looks dated to me too.
  6. Galliera Azur is prettier in my eyes and easier to carry being it's a hobo.
  7. +1
  8. Azur Speedy - so classic!
  9. Galliera, summer makes me want to use carefree hobo bags
  10. I would say the speedy. Its such a classic bag and I am not a fan of the gold plate on the other bag, I find plates just get so scratched up.
  11. Galliera, most comfortable shoulder bag ever!
  12. I'm voting Galliera because it's beautiful and sets my heart aflutter whenever I see one out and about. I've yet to see a Galliera with a scratched plate. As for it looking dated, I have to disagree. In any case, "older" designs are making a comeback.
  13. Galliera! I love my galliera. Super comfy, nice alcantara lining, spacious. Speedy is sooooo common. Everyone has one
  14. +1
  15. Galliera is discontinued, in case you were thinking it's available new.

    It's a beautiful, comfy bag to carry. I think it's one of the most user-friendly shoulder bags LV has produced.