Speedy 30 classic: azur v bay chains print

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  1. Hi Everyone!
    I own a speedy 25 in DE and want to add one more speedy to my collection: the classic speedy 30. I'd love to hear your opinions on whether you'd chose the azur or the current 2016 LE chains/bay print.
    Thanks! xoxo
  2. I'd pick Damier Azur. 💙
  3. if you see yourself with another Speedy and you'd like it to pop then chains/bay print. Otherwise, for the sake of just another Speedy you should choose the safer prints Azur/Mono.

    I wish I didn't play it safe all the time 👯
  4. Azur
  5. Damier Azur. I loved the Stephen Sprouse LE but the chain print seems like something I'll get bored of very quick.
  6. Azur! Most definitely! :smile:
  7. Azur for me.

    Have you considered a Speedy B for something new? (speedy with a strap)?
  8. Thanks so much for all your responses! :smile: :heart:
  9. ManilaMama: I love the look of the speedy B :smile: I just have too many shoulder bags and am looking for one more hand carry bag