Speedy 30 Cherry

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  1. HI every one! I'm sorry to make a new thead here again about the speedy 30 in cherry, cause I just asking the Louis Vuitton Website about are they making the cherry in speedy30? and here is my answer.....

    Dear Customer,

    We would like to thank you for your visit on our web site and your
    interest in Louis Vuitton.

    Please kindly be informed that the whole Cerise (Cherry) Collection was a seasonal collection. In other words,the whole collection will not be launched in the next season. Thus we regret to inform you that the Speedy 30 in Monogram Cerise is discontinued.

    "discontinued" << So they do making in speedy30?? but they just stop making the cherries line...?? anyone?;) ;)
  2. Odd beause any ceries bag i've seen ( ebay) or pic's of are alway have been speedy 25.. *even lv website and elux*

  3. i know for a fact that LV never produced the cerises line in the Speedy 30.....musta been a typo
  4. Yeah. There has only been a Cerises Speedy 25.
  5. The pic of the Cerises Speedy on the Vuitton site was, in fact, Speedy 30. It was a mistake on their part. They NEVER mind the 30. It only came in 25.
  6. The only Cerises 30 I have ever seen was a hooooorrrrible fake on eBay selling for about 30 dollars. It looked like a MC with cerise canvas...
  7. Oh,, thank you all of you ;)
  8. That was a misprint on the reps part, there was only the speedy 25.
  9. I believe they did that, like they do the other bags, to throw the counterfeiters off. If you notice, a lot of the "mirror image" speedys are JUST like the one pictured on LV.