Speedy 30 B vs Westminster GM

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  1. I just returned my DE speedy 30B due to issues and exchanged it for the mono DE speedy B. My dilemma is that I already have the mono speedy (without the strap) and I am trying to figure out if it is silly to have 2 very similar bags?
    Or should I exchange it for the Westminster GM? I tried on soooo soooo many bags and could not find anything that was practical/functional for me but that I liked on me. My only other choice was a vernis Alma but it is really not practical for me for every day and I am not sure how much I would use it....
  2. I would go for Westminster GM because the brass hardware has much better quality than the speedy Bs
  3. I did notice that but I do not think it sticks out as much on the mono as the DE. It is very disappointing to have that issue on a LV bag.Thanks !:smile:
  4. how about a neverfull? very popular , practical bag and very comfortable .imo.
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    Lilmizvixen sold me on her Westminster GM :smile: I finally got mine and love her.

    ...it's a great everday fall/winter bag. It retains its structure and fits everyday essentials. My SA recommended flipping/turning the 1st strap and putting the 2nd strap over it b4 putting on the shoulder(if that makes sense), so that it's comfier.
  6. Do you think it's silly to have a speedy and speedy B 30 both in Mono??
  7. Hehe glad to hear you got a westie and loving it too :heart:
  8. I have Westminster gm and just got de speedy b 35. :smile:. If you haven't decided yet, I should be getting it next week and be able to take some comparison pictures for you.
  9. Yes, I think it would be... How bout selling your speedy and get a speedy b?
  10. I did think about selling the speedy mono but I'm having a hard time giving it up. The patina is a nice honey color and the purse is broke in just right so I think I may not be able to let it go.:smile: since I already purchased the speedy b mono I could keep it and have 2 and sell one down the road, exchange for the Westminster or just return . My DH like the last one since it involves no money, of course...I have no idea why it's so hard it make a decision like this about a purse..I'm beginning to stress myself out!
  11. I would keep the mono Speedy B and sell the regular Speedy. By selling your original Speedy you will have money to put towards a future bag that you love. I have tried to love the Westminster and even went to LV with the intention of purchasing one, but I just couldn't buy it. It seemed stiff and a bit too "business" for my very casual lifestyle.
  12. I love my Westminister GM ! The interior pockets rock!
  13. i just got the mono speedy B and i LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! You can wear it so many different ways! its not silly at all to have a speedy and speedy B. if you go to the speedy B club house you will see that soooooo many people have both! I think the Westminster is just a shoulder bag-thats just my opinion. :cool:
  14. Know this is old but why did you return the DE speedy 30 B. Was thinking of buying one.
  15. Got a Westminster today and love It! I didn't care for the speedy B. I would try them on a see what you like best!