Speedy 30 B replacement ?

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  1. Hi all.

    I just handed over my speedy 30 DE Bandoulière to LV the other day, bc of badly rolled handles. They were extremely wrinkly when I bought it and it feels like sandpaper when I carry it handheld. I finally was heard, and she agreed it should not have been sold to me like this. She asked me if they don't replace the handles, would I be open to a new bag or store credit. I said I really prefer my bag back with replaced handles but ok, I'll be open. I'm looking around, because should she offer me a store credit, I want to be prepared when I go down there and pick up a new bag. It's either the Speedy 30 B DE again, but then I've also thought about maybe it's just not the bag for me (luck wise, this is my 2nd piece with faults)
    This is my current collection. I'm naming all brands bc it's more about what I need in my collection than want if that makes sense. If the speedy 30 had the same functionality as one of my other bags then I'm open to get a speedy 25 monogram Bandoulière instead. I want to try and snag one of the older models without the zip. Or what about a Noe Petit??

    Ok. Here's my current collection. I sold a lot!

    Neverfull MM monogram
    Noe BB Monogram
    Pochette Accessoires Multicolore blanc
    Milla Clutch MM
    Keepall 45B DA

    Longchamp Le Pliage M Neo B noir
    Longchanp Le pliage small x 2

    Chanel Jumbo single flap black caviar GHW
    Chanel mini dark blue patent leather silver hardware

    MK Speedy 25 B (look alike) all black leather with gold buckle (forgot the style name)
    MK tippi satchel black and white

    Soooo. Should I just get a speedy 30 DE again? Or maybe go for monogram? Or 25B Monogram? Or DE?

    She's about to call me down there soon! Again I need to be prepared bc I want to leave there with a bag! Before they give me store credit, I go home to think and raise the price on me (yes has happened before)

    Thanks a bunch for input🙏🙏🙏
  2. I love the petit Noe NM ....It's so classic and you hardly see them around so they're def eye catching! Good luck with your decision and keep us posted... I'm sorry about you speedy b though, that's very frustrating. It's a great bag too. I'm no help after all...
  3. It seems that, for whatever reason, the Speedy B line is chronically plagued with a variety of problems. Considering that this was your second one, and both had issues, I don't think it would be unreasonable to suggest trying a different design such as the classic Speedy or the petite Noe. Good luck deciding!
  4. I had issues with my Speedy B 30 too, so I was given a store credit. I ended up with the Pochette Metis, but did eventually buy a Speedy B 25 in DE (in December). So far the 25 is holding up well and I have used it a fair amount.

    Are you open to spending a bit more? I would take a look at the Siena PM.

    Also, based on your collection, I think the Speedy B 25 mono sounds like a great option too!
  5. I would just get a replacement speedy b. I could never part with mine and wouldn't replace it with anything else. Keep trying for a good one.
  6. Thanks guys! I think if she offers me a replacement, and I can't find one that I like, I'll consider the Speedy 30 monogram Bandouliere OR Speedy 25 :smile: I already have the Noe BB, and I don't think I need another Noe for now:smile: Thanks so so so much for your input! Appreciate it!
  7. I'd get a Classic Speedy 25 in DE or Speedy B 25 in DE. I think a DE bag would nicely complement the bags in your collection. Good luck!
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    Last edited: Apr 6, 2016
    Hi guys! I just have a little update for you!
    They called me already that my bag is ready to pick up!
    I went there and lo and behold the bag was indeed ready. One handle was absolute PERFECTION!! The other one was not. It had wrinkles and it was kind of flat and not rounded. So the manager came and she was sooo nice. She said no problem and sent it back to repair with the stamp urgent, offered us (my and my mom in law) a drink and she gave me a free dust bag for my strap!!!! She's from New York and works here in London now. I must say I'm soooo happy!!! Yes I don't have my bag, but this positive non argumental experience turns me on again to the brand! Yes ONE experience can make or break the experience of the brand. And I'm so happy!!!!
    She even said that the leather artesians get a lot of pressure from the top to hurry up to feed the demand and it does affect the quality. She was so sorry and so nice!
    Here are my straps that I took back with me as they don't need them while fixing my bag for the 2nd time, and the dust bag! Yay! Can't wait to get my bag back with 2 nice handles, bc if the other one will be like the one that was awesomely made it will be perfect finally!!! Happy girl!! my hat goes off to her. After all these bad experiences I forgot the service I used to get, and today she reminded me!! I will definitely buy something of her when I pick up my bag!! Here's a pic:smile:)

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  9. Honestly, I would have gone with a new bag. New Speedy B or new something else. Just start over fresh. I'd hate to have a bag that's been tinkered with. But that's just me. Good luck with your bag. I'm sure they'll give you perfect handles this time around.
  10. I looked at 5 other Speedy B 30 DE's..
    Either piping was so bad (like a zig zag snake) or the handles were super duper wrinkly or red threads showing from being accidentally picked up from the lining. Awful... What the heck.. The piping on my bag is amazing and I can't be bothered to just get another one. If I can get my bag with two of the handles in the shape of the one that was nicely made, this speedy will be the best one for me.
    And I will have some history with her. A story to tell. It's only 6 months old and after seeing the other 5 I'm grateful that I'll have the bag I will have when it finally comes back with two well made handles. Its very obvious that the quality is affected by the demand. That's for sure! But yeah, I'm happy wit today. Crazy how hard it is to get a nice bag these days.. Thank you!! Big thanks for reading! x
  11. Well, at least someone direct from the company admitted it! ;)

    Glad that you got one of the solutions you sought....always nice to hear of positive customer experience after reading of so many horrid ones, I'd be delighted by what she offered you too, congrats girl! Share some mod shots once she arrives :smile:
  12. It's great to hear that your experiences with LV have been positive lately and that your bag is being worked on to make it perfect. Like I said in an earlier post though, the Speedy B design just seems to be cursed (5 messed up bags in 1 store? Yikes!) and that LV needs to stop and re-design instead of making them faster and more haphazardly.
    Please keep us in the loop on how your repair turns out; just hang in there a little longer:hugs:
  13. Yes! It really was refreshing to hear a MANAGER tell me that the artisans get a lot of pressure, and that it indeed has affected the quality a little with some pieces. Just that honesty goes a loooong way with me. I much much rather hear the ugly truth than being told "oh that's normal" when it's not how LV used to be. Really liked that touch! And that she marked it urgent was a nice touch too, although it did go really fast this time around too. It's the little things that matter isn't it? Thank you Kitzzz❤️
  14. Yes 5(!) and they were all in a Maison too!! It's not good. Let's hope these new design ones will have less problems, although adding a zipper to the Speedies just sounds like MORE work and pressure on the poor artesians. Only time will tell, I'm happy I got one without the zipper and I'm really excited to see how my bag will be when it comes back. She was really funny. She said she will tag the handle that is perfect, so that they don't remove that and it comes back the way it was to being with! Yes!! Exactly. That was funny!
    I will post a before and after when it's back! Going to Spain this weekend for a week and bringing my Neverfull MM for that, but can't wait to be reunited with my Speedy B again!! NOT having the bag has made me realize I'm not over LV, because I do miss "her":smile: hehe patience will be rewarded I'm sure:smile: crossing my fingers!:smile: Awe big hug back ❤️