Speedy 30 and my chunky arms

  1. I am a larger woman and I can't get the speedy 30 in the crook of my arm, but I want one so bad:shame: . Does anyone else have this problem, if so did you go ahead and buy the Speedy 30? Do you regret it?
  2. I hardly put my speedy on my crook arm. Most of the time I hold it or put through my shoulder (only 1 handle can sit comfortably)

    May be you should test drive it for couple of days...
  3. I have kinda big arms too and have the 30-- I LOVE it!!It almost goes to the crook of my arm (when I don't over stuff the poor thing...)
  4. I have anorexic arms, so I can't help you with this one.
  5. I hardly wear mines on the crook of my arm either. I think you should buy it
  6. I have the shoulder strap and wear it as a shoulder bag. My advice is to buy the strap.
  7. Good idea.:yes:
  8. My solution would be to purchase a shoulder strap too. I can carry mine in the crook of my arm and in my hand but when I get tired of either of those ways then I carry it on my shoulder with the monogram strap. My strap is always attached to the bag no matter how I carry her. Good luck with your decision!
  9. Is there a place to purchase the strap online, and how much does it cost retail? Would you mind posting a picture of how it looks across the body? Thanks and Great Idea/Solution!!
  10. I usually carry my 30 by hand anyway. I think you will still like it. Or do like Goldie said and get a strap. I think you can get them from eluxury.
  11. I bought my shoulder strap (the leather one) at a Louis Vuitton store for $170. I love it when I am tired but I do worry that I look frumpy!!
  12. I use the leather strap for my mono Speedy 25 but I worry that a 30 would be too big for the strap. Of course my Speedy 30 is a Damier, so the strap wouldn't match anyway. Too bad there isn't a strap that matches Damier so I could find out!
  13. You can get straps to match damier. I had one for my damier deauville.
  14. I just love your French Co. Speedy and the Cherry Blossom scarf! It looks gorgeous!:biggrin::flowers:
  15. Ditto! Although if you really love this style you should just get the shoulder strap which is a great option.:biggrin::flowers:
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