Speedy 30 and 35--Both?

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  1. Would it be silly to have both a Speedy 30 and 35? I am about to buy a 35 but for reason I keep looking at the 30's too.

    Maybe I'm being impulsive so if its silly someone please talk me out of it quick. :wacko:
  2. What are you going to be using the Speedy for? I looked at the 35 before and found it to be way to big for me. I prefer the 25 over the 30. So between the two, I'd get the 30. Don't get both! To me, it's silly to have both bags. Why not get a 30 and get a different LV?
  3. I think the 30 is a perfect size. Why not get that and use the rest of the money for a matching wallet or a different style bag?
  4. My minds set. i'm definitly getting the 35. I was just thinking the 30 would be good to have too. It a practical size
  5. Get the 35 Mono and a 30 Damier! Problem solved! :smile:

  6. Absolutely right. I should get the Mono 35 now and wait to get the Damier Speedy 30. I forgot just that quick about the Damier. And I was just reading a thread about it the other day......
    thanks for the reminder.....maybe I need to take some vitamins for my memory :lol:

    I bet the Damier is going to be pricey though.
  7. I'm biased about the 35, as it was my first LV. I don't know if you travel a lot but one of the benefits of the 35 is that you won't have to carry a purse and a carry on b/c the 35 is versatile (size wise) to double as both.
  8. 'am having this same dilemma -- i so want a Speedy again and am deciding whether to get the 30 or 35. but i think i'll follow the advice here and buy a Mono 35 and a Damier 30! :smile:
  9. Its funny. Everyone reccomends the Speedy 35 for travel but I like it for an everyday bag. I love big oversized bags because i carry everything around. I mean everything.

    Oddly enough when I travel I break out an old cheap bag that I wouldnt mind getting ruined. The only LV that I've ever traveled with was my mono mussette. That's b-cuz it was hands free
  10. I carry mine as in the day too. I would say as an everyday bag but I change bags too often for that. I think the 35 works as both an everyday and a travel piece. Not luggage but like a larger purse/bag for travel.
  11. I so agree Selena.
    I don't think you can have too many speedys but I'm a little partial to them;) Then you'll need a 40, then a 45 keepall ,then....... V
  12. 35 is HUGE... good for overnight travel haha
  13. I have both 35 and 40. 40 is a bit too big for everyday use but the 35 is perfect for me.
  14. I agree! Just got the 35 for a handbag, love big bags!
  15. I have a 30, and I guess it's good for everyday use, but I find it a bit to small for having my school stuff in it, so I'm considering getting a 35 when I have saved up enough cash, so it all really boils down to what you're gonna use it for. as a last year high school student I would recomend 35 because of the bookloads and stuff (I don't know how things are at university, but I know I'll be carrying my laptop around with me when I go to university, so I still need something bigger than a 30).