Speedy 30 and 35, anyone have side by side pics?

  1. I can only afford one right now. How much bigger is the 35? I carry a lot of junk and for $20 more, I feel the exrtra room won't hurt. But I don't necessarily want a HUGE bag that will start to sag because I don't have enough to put in it. On a daily basis I carry a sunglass case, digital camera, large coach wristlet, keys, cell phone, ipod, a journal, two Chanel accessories pouches that came with my perfume, in one of them I have lotion, band-aids and some pills, and in the other I have my lip gloss, chapstick, mirror. Boy, from reading this post I feel I need to get more organized. I'll take a pic for you guys...ha ha, this is fun
  2. Here's the first pic
    Junk in my bag.JPG
  3. two more

    Junk in my bag 2.JPG

    rafe ny.JPG
  4. wow that is a lot of stuff :smile: you would fit that in a 30 with no problem.
  5. A 30 should be fine, but if you think you might carry around a lot more than that consider the 35. Personally, I love them big and opted for the 35, since it makes a perfect little in-flight bag as well! :smile:
  6. Well I don't plan on carrying anything else, cuz I don't wanna break my shoulder or anything, lol!, but you never know, that's why I considered the 35, like you said, in case I'm flying and need a little extra room, but Is it like WAY WAY bigger than the 30? I don't want it to sag like Jessica Simpson's, I think her's might be a 40 though.
  7. That should fit in the 30, but you may want to consider the 35 if you travel frequently and need more room. You could always put cardboard in the bottom of the speedy to prevent sagging.
  8. According to eLuxury, the dimensions of the Speedy 30 are 12" L x 8" H x 6.5" W. The Speedy 35 is 14" x 9" and, I presume, 6.5" W as well. You might want to look at the eLuxury pages for both bags, since I believe they both have photos of them being carried by a mannequin for reference.
  9. kathyrose, you rock that speedy beautifully!
    i have the 35 as well and i LOVE it
  10. Thank you. :shame: The song that always play in my head when I think of my Speedy is Beyonce and Jay-Z's "Bonnie & Clyde". In place of boyfriend, it's Speedy. LOL.
  11. Kathyrose, you look hot with your 35. I think I've made a decision....35 it is!! I'll order it tomorrow. Thank you guys for the help. :smile:
  12. you carry a lot in your bag. maybe the 30 would be perfect. I fancy getting a speedy 25, but i dont carry very much at all.
  13. Yay! I thought it was pretty big at first but after the first week, it doesn't look as big as it used to. Enjoy!
  14. and a partridge in a pear treee!...my god :amazed: , you carry alot! Go with the 35, I just got mine and I love it! With all the things you carry it will be perfect.