Speedy 30 advice ASAP!

  1. Should i get a brand new mono speedy 30 from elux or a gently used from eBay? If i get from eBay i would save myself a few hundred dollars for something else. What should i do? I am also eying a speedy on eBay which is about to end in an hour. Please help ASAP!! Thanks everyone.


    Click above link to ebay auction.
    The bag looks fine, but i need more advice.
    Thanks again.
  2. YOu could find one for a litle more that looks more new IMO. I sold mine brand new, used once for 485!! I would hold on....and find one newer.
  3. I'm a fan of gently used bags....especially since I prefer the look of a patina'd bag over one with virgin vachetta. But I guess it's a personal preference. Some people don't like the thought of someone else have the bag before them, but as long as it's in good condition I don't mind. If it were me I'd go the gently used route but that's just my $.02.
  4. I'm pretty sure this is fake. Post in the authentication thread to be sure.
  5. Yes, for sure post that in the autentication thread...Addy or John will know for sure. I do not think it is real. But honestly have a much better eye.
  6. This one looks fake. The side looks off and something feels off about it. I am wondering why they aren't offering a full photo of the side.
  7. ^^ Thank you so much everyone, i was so close to getting this bag. Do you guys have any recommendations? Any good deals you see on ebay?
  8. I really wouldnt mind a gently used bag too, even if it is 2nd hand, as long as it is authentic and in very good condition.
    Because somehow, I appreciate the pampering and care the previous owner shower on the bag, and 99% of the time, these sellers are very friendly and accomodating, unlike some rude SAs in the boutiques which put me off and dont make me feel worthy spending that much $$ for stuck-up service.
    Moreover, when buying from a seller, you can save so much $$ which you can buy something else like say, a cles or accessory to doll up your new purchase. :tup:
  9. Try finding an authentic one on ebay. There are speedy 30s there almost all the time. You can usually get a next to new bag for a good price. If that doesn't work out buy new, they're not very expensive anyway.
  10. I just bought my mono speedy 30 brand new because of the good Canadian dollar (bought it in the US), however, I would say its not a big deal to save some money and buy slightly used. I would personally stick to a My Poupette Recommended Seller (there are many that have Speedy 30s almost all the time), although still post in the authenticity section just to be sure.
  11. Good Advice! I will follow that one too! The best customer service that I have ever received was at Saks. SA at the boutique are so stuck up that even for someone with lots of personality, they are way too rude. Saving a couple of hundreds for the accesory is a good deal!!