Speedy 27 1/2

  1. Just for kicks!
    How many of you would go for a Speedy 27.5???

    I'm already preparing for the Azure speedy and to tell you the truth...the 25 is too small for me and the 30 is too big for me!

    Who wants a 27.5???

    just a fun question i guess :love:
  2. I'd consider it. I like the 30 and love the 35 (I have a 35 and 40 but just ordered the Mini Lin 30). I always though the 25 was too small for my liking so a 27.5 might be something cute but not too small for me.
  3. I have the 25 in cerises...and I like it....I also have the 30. I'd probably go for a 27.5 but I don't know how noticeable of a difference it would be.
  4. Perhaps.. I do think the 25 is a really good size, the 30 just seems like luggage ! (no offense to 30 fans)
  5. lol that would be great i often think the 25 is too small, and the 30 is good most of the time but sometimes too roomy =]
  6. I think 27.5 is a perfect size for me! Does it exist for the mono or damier?
  7. speedy 25 in epi actually measures 27.5!;)
  8. I was just going to say that! IMO the size is PERFECT:love:
  9. I'd definitely consider a speedy 27.5 in Damier!
  10. the speedy 30 is the perfect size for me...
  11. Yes, I think that would be the perfect size.
  12. Me..! :yes: LOL... I told my sister the EXACT same thing when I was deciding between the 25 and 30... :lol: 27.5 would be just PERFECT..! :love:
  13. i would def get one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. me too! i want one in damier!
  15. that would be a perfect size! I would totally get it if they had that size!