Speedy 25's and Speedy 30's

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  1. I am about 5'5". If I carried a Speedy 25, would it look too small? Can a Speedy 25 still hold a lot? Can you fit a magazine in a Speedy 25?
  2. Speedy 30 is much better. I think the 25 is better if you are about 5'1 or 5'2. I have both, but absolutely love the 30. Much easier to get in and out of. A magazine is a tight fit in a 25 and will be a real pain to get it in and out. I use the 25 only for going out to dinner or where I won't be carrying much. It does tend to look quite small, and I'm 5'2. If you're only going to get one, I highly recommend the 30.
  3. I agree with previous poster, go for 30, I will. Was in the same situation as you.
    Have a nice day
  4. while a 25 is quite roomy, i'm 5'3" and find the 30 a bit big for me ... if you're trying to get a magazine in and out, the 30 will probably fit better. :yes:
  5. You will be much happier with the 30
  6. 25 is perfect you carry just the essentials. i can get a magazine rolled up in mine. i prefer to carry more in a shoulder bag and less in a hand-held, but that is just me :smile:
  7. I prefer the 30 too ... opening is wider and much easier to get in and out of!
  8. I'm in the minority b/c I prefer the 25, but I only carry the essentials. I can fit an US weekly in mine, but not an INStyle. It depends what you carry on a daily basis.
  9. I don't think height has much to do with it anymore! A few years ago the 30 looked too big on me (I'm not that tall, only slightly over 5ft 5in.) Now everyone is carrying much bigger bags, sometimes even HUGH bags! I tried out my friends 30 last week and I thought it looked fine on me. I haven't changed... just the style and trend towards larger bags!
  10. I'm 5'8" and a 30 feels like luggage to me. My Speedies are all 25s.
  11. 30 is way more practical, im a VERY tiny girl and i feel the 25 looks very oddly tiny on me..i usually carry the 30 or 35..
  12. 30 is perfect size for mono and damier but in epi line I prefer 25. 3o seems so bulky but it is just my opnion...
  13. A small one, other wise the end would curl up but I dont think you'd get on in the 30 either. I have one that I have covered that I use in the bottom of my bag and beleive I had to trim it down as it was too long.

    I have both a 25/ 30 and love both. I dont think on a person 5'5 the 25 would be too small.and yes a 25 can hold a TON!

    if you do a SEARCH you will find many topic's on this as well in the reference section an thread on what some bags will hold and if you check the start of the whats in your lv bag i'm sure you'll find a TON of speedy 25's that have been posted.
  14. I'm 5'6" and prefer the 25 for most occasions-- I have three of them. It does not look small on me, however, it does not hold a magazine. If you carry a lot you will need a 30. I love my 30 but sometimes I find it heavy and bulky.
  15. i think the 25 is a bit to small. i carry a wallet, wristlet, personal case, agenda, water bottle, and it was filled to max, but with the 30 i still have plenty of room. i'm 4'9 and it doesn't look like its too big for me. i highly recommend the 30