Speedy 25 .....

I've got one of each!! I had the mono first and I love it!! But I am a sucker for damier!! It really is less common.

I've got one of each too - I don't know why I'm having trouble warming up to my damier - just seems masculine somehow to me. I am planning on selling it. I know I'll take a loss (just bought it in late June), but I just really don't use it.
I love my mono 25. I don't understand the appeal of damier at all. I think it's a masculine looking pattern and not pretty in the least. (Just my opinion...damier lovers don't hate me!!)
for a first bag i say mono, esp in the 25. that was my first bag too. i love love love my damier 30 though. you can't go wrong with either one really.
azur!! lol.

But if its only out of those two, I would probably choose damier, since mono is really out there, and I like to be a little low-key. But the mono is a classic piece, so either way.. goodluck on choosing!
I say get the mono first. I actually got the damier speedy first but I couldn't stop thinking about mono. So, a couple months later, I got the speedy in mono. I love both of them but I think I love my mono more. I rarely see lv where I live so the mono being common is not a problem for me.

If I had gotten the mono speedy first, I probably would have gotten a different bag in damier. Maybe the papillion 30.
Mono Speedy!

I like the Damier in other styles such as the Papillon and the Ribera. Although the Damier doesn't sag as much as the Mono, the tiny bit of sag looks weird with the checkboard print, whereas the Mono's sag, although more extreme, looks better.