Speedy 25 .....

  1. Damier or Monogram? :confused1: TIA
  2. Damier! it's so much less common and faked than the Monogram, and it's low-maintenance
  3. Mono - everyone needs one! It's the most classic LV bag out there...can't go wrong with the mono speedy 30 IMO...
  4. I prefer the monogram - It's just so classic!
  5. I love them both!
  6. I've got the monogram and I love it !
  7. I prefer damier...low maintenance
  8. Monogram first...
  9. Mono:heart:
  10. My vote is for Damier.
  11. I have both and love them equally - but I tend to use the damier more! Richer, low maintenance and less faked....
  12. mono
  13. Damier. I bought the mono as my first LV purse just a few weeks ago and now I wish I had gotten damier just because it is a worry free bag. Also, some people think my mono speedy is fake because the LVs are upside down on one side. I don't care though. I know it's real and that's what matters.
  14. If it's your first, I say the monogram. My view is that while it may be faked now, I think that given time the fakes and the hype will die down.

    I think both are fabulous and you can't go wrong with either though.
  15. I prefer Damier to Mono just bcos I'm a low-maintenant gal :sweatdrop: