Speedy 25

  1. i was thinking about getting the Speedy 25 (Damier Azul)

    Can you but that on a strap

    and if anyone has a speedy 25 can you tell me exactly how big it is..
  2. I think this would be an adorable bag for you hon.
    I don't have a speedy, and I am not sure if you can attach a strap, but even if you can, it may be uncomfortable and bulky due to it's shape and size. It is made to be handheld.
    Can you go see the bags in person and see if you might like a handheld bc it would be so cute for you!
    Good luck!
  3. the Speedy 25 is about 10" x 6" x 4.5". here's how it looks on a 5'4" midget (me :lol:)

    and yes it can be attached to a longer strap :yes:
    cerises speedy 25 001.jpg cerises speedy 25 002.jpg
  4. haha wowss hun you are little i went with he smaller bag cus i want a small bag in that shapee but im like 6 foot..thats why i want the strapp
  5. what strap would look good with itt...
  6. if you go to vuitton.com or eluxury and look at the straps you should be able to find one that's suitable for it
  7. lol yess i looked but i cant really imagine because this will be my 1st lv purchase
  8. if this is your first LV purchase, i think you should go to the store to try it on. that way, you would get to try on the straps too. :yes: do you live close to any LV stores?
  9. like 45 minutes frm my housee
  10. i have that bag! it's my favorite! lol
  11. If you want something with a shoulder strap, maybe the speedy isn't the best choice? I have a speedy 25 and think the shape of it would be really awkward with a shoulder strap...it seems like it would always be bumping into you, particularly since it isn't a structured bag. Just my thoughts.
  12. I think it is hard enough to carry it on my forearm without it getting too awkward! I did not want my vachetta handles to get dirty on the first day out so I hardly used them but yikes it was harder to carry on my forearm because of the shape!