speedy 25

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  1. hey hey!

    quick question how much do you think i could sell my monogram speedy 25 for? I bought it last july and it is wonderful condition but I really want the 30, plus i cant justify to myself right now buying another mono speedy....help!!!
  2. i'd just look on eBay to compare prices :smile:
  3. Its relatively new so you can probably get close to retail for it. I wouldn't price it say, $30 below retail b/c potential buyers will just go to the store and a brand new one.

    Good luck with your sale:flowers:
  4. Check eBay for completed auctions and you can get a good idea what they go for!
  5. thanks guys i think i will have my brother post it for me on eBay tomorrow ...if i can get atleast 500 i will buy the 30..i shoulda went with the 30 last year :sad:
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